An ATA Happy Hour

A new event for the 2020 Trade Show encouraging discussion between members and providing a space to watch and interact with professional archers.

About the Event

Watch and interact with elite and celebrity shooters. You can also network with retailers, manufacturers, ATA staff, and like-minded business professionals over free beer, food, games and entertainment. The event also offers multiple learning opportunities. The shooting pros will share shooting and equipment tips. You’ll also receive fun insights, practical knowledge about programs, and revenue-generating ideas for your shop.


Thursday, Jan 9 from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.


Exhibit Hall J
Use the Entrance into Hall J at the Hoosier and Capitol Corridor Intersection.


All ATA Members are welcome. No ticket necessary, just show your ATA Show Badge.


Contact Becky Lux:
(507) 233-8132 Ext. 102