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15 Exhibiting Tips for the ATA Trade Show

Use these tips to start planning for #ATA2019.
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Cassie Scott

You want the most from your 2019 ATA Trade Show experience, right? Well, it’s time to prepare. Use these tips to attract customers, market your products, and rack up your best Trade Show yet!


1. Schedule meetings in advance.

Reach out to retailers and other attendees before the Show to arrange important meetings at your booth. Then, stick to your schedule. Don’t make customers wait if you gave them a specific meeting time.


2. First impressions are everything.

Smile, stand up straight, introduce yourself, and show you’re there to help. Be kind and offer assistance. By creating instant connections you cultivate safe, trustworthy relationships.


3. Show you care.

Customers want to be acknowledged. They must know you care about their needs and feel invested in their success. Establish rapport by asking where they’re from, how their business is doing, and what goals they’ve set.

Brainstorm a few sales pitches before the Show. Determine which one is the most effective or engaging and fine-tune it the rest of the Show. Photo Credit: Shannon Rikard.

4. Fine-tune your sales pitch.

Brainstorm a few sales pitches before the Show with your staff or manufacturers’ reps. A good pitch informs, educates and appeals to attendees. Try them out during the Show’s first day. Determine which pitch is most effective and engaging, and fine-tune it the rest of the Show. Limit your pitch to a minute.


5. Invest in sponsorships.

Sponsorship opportunities await around every corner. You can buy banners, columns, floor-clings and wall-clings to advertise your business. Or you can sponsor the Show’s complimentary Wi-Fi, Visa gift cards or the ATA Show Guide. These opportunities maximize your influence and increase visibility for a competitive advantage.


6. Strategically organize your table display.

Place large items in the back and small items in the front so attendees see everything. But don’t crowd the table. A well-organized table will display your products aesthetically to create a welcoming feel.


7. Use videos or slideshows.

Create an exciting video or slideshow about your business and products, and then play your masterpiece throughout the Show. Engaging presentations draw attention to your booth. Ensure your video features powerful scenery and messages to create a wow factor.

A different booth and showing that there were multiple people in this conversation and how that could be something worth remembering. If different people brought up different things, etc. Photo Credit: Shannon Rikard.

8. Keep records.

Write down who you talked to, what products interested them, and how you can best reach them. Detailed notes help you follow up with everyone after the Show. Remember to pack pens and notebooks, and make notes during and after each meeting.


9. Network! Network! Network!

Print your company logo and contact information on all the pens, brochures, business cards and swag you bring to your booth. Give these items to prospects to spark their memory about your business or product after the Show.


10. Pack healthy food and snacks.

Eating out or at the concession stands is quick and convenient, but too much greasy food can cause indigestion, heartburn and energy loss. Eat balanced meals and fuel your body with nutritious, protein-rich foods.


11. Drink lots of water!

It’s tempting to gulp soda, coffee or energy drinks, but they contain lots of sugar and caffeine. Once the stimulant wears off, you’ll feel tired and sluggish. Water or green tea cleanly hydrates you to ensure healthy, long-lasting energy.

All attendees must wear their Show badge when on the Show floor. The color bar on the bottom identifies the attendee’s work category and let’s security know whether to allow entry to the Show floor. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

12. Take shifts.

Although this busy Show is tiring and hectic, it’s also exciting and great for business. Designate shifts or small breaks so you and your staff take time to rest, recharge and walk the Show floor. Even 10-minute breaks help. But remember: Keep at least two people staffing your booth at all times.


13. Promote your booth on social media.

Post pictures, videos and cool information to intrigue and capture your audience online. Post to the Trade Show’s social account and your business page to maximize exposure.


14. Close on-the-spot deals.

Offer Show specials and create a Show-special sheet to hand out when attendees enter your booth. Show-only sales and free incentive products for large buys sweeten good deals, and make them hard to pass up.


15. Always wear your ATA Show badge.

All attendees must wear their Show badge when on the Show floor. The color bar on the badge’s bottom identifies the attendee’s work category, and lets security guards know you’re allowed on the Show floor. ATA staff work hard to ensure each Show badge belongs to ATA members or those with an ATA-member company. Don’t share extra or unused badges. You risk fines and ejection from the Show.

View the ATA Trade Show webpage for more information. Or contact Becky Lux, ATA’s senior Trade Show manager, to discuss these tips and other ways to drive traffic to your booth at the 2019 ATA Trade Show.

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