2017 Key Dates: Don’t Miss These Important Trade Show Deadlines and More!

ATA members can play an active role in boosting bowhunting and archery by participating in the industry’s key events for the year.
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Author: Cassie Scott

As archery enthusiasts and ambassadors, we immerse ourselves in the sport daily. Although our schedules might be filled with family functions, and our calendars scribbled with reminders for meetings and appointments, we somehow make archery and bowhunting a priority.

Below is an archery and bowhunting timeline to keep you up to date with events, meetings and important dates for 2017. You’re welcome!

Please note: The ** indicates Archery Trade Association events, which require immediate attention.

Booth selection for the 2018 ATA Trade Show begins April 25.


**April 1 – Join the ATA or renew your ATA membership. Here’s how. Becoming an ATA member gives you access to benefits, savings and programs that help boost your bottom line. Members also receive access to the 2018 ATA Trade Show. More details on that to follow!

April 3-4 – The 2017 Fish and Wildlife Business Summit is held in Kennesaw, Georgia. Industry representatives, conservation partners, and federal and state wildlife agencies meet to network, discuss legal and legislative issues, and share ideas on how they can work together to ensure the future of hunting, shooting, angling and boating.

April 6-9 USA Archery kicks off its competition season with the Arizona Cup in Phoenix. To see USA Archery’s full schedule and learn more, click here.

April 9-11 – The Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ annual conference is held in Norfolk, Virginia. The event attracts over 500 natural-resource professionals, and provides opportunities to educate, discuss and exchange ideas.

**April 25 – Booth selection for the 2018 ATA Trade Show begins. Booth selection for this annual show is based on the ATA’s preference points ranking system. Exhibitors with 7 or more preference points are placed on a call schedule. New exhibitors must wait until June 7 to select their booth space (see below). To learn more about the process, click here.

April 28-30 – The National Field Archery Association competition season is well underway, with the First Dakota Classic taking place in Yankton, South Dakota. View the NFAA calendar for a list of scheduled events.

The Total Archery Challenge is one of the largest 3-D archery events in the country. It is of many 3-D archery tournaments scheduled for 2017.


May 5-7 – The Total Archery Challenge takes place in San Antonio. Register and participate in a fun, family-friendly environment at one of the nation’s greatest outdoor 3-D archery experiences.

May 11-13 – The National Archery in the Schools Program holds its 2017 Centershot Ministries National Tournament. This is the world’s largest archery tournament, and you don’t want to miss it. Visit the NASP website to learn more.

May 20 – The school year ends soon, which means students and parents are searching for summer camps, programs, activities and opportunities. Let archery compete for a spot, and use these unique advertising ideas to generate business.

**May 25 – Stock up on ATA programs and information to help you become your area’s best archery business. Overcome challenges, certify your shop employees, and take advantage of ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative, ATA ePRO software and other resources to increase your store’s profits and productivity.

May 26-29 – USA Archery co-hosts the Easton Foundations Gator Cup in Newberry, Florida. This is an outdoor target-archery tournament. To learn more, click here.


**June 7 – New exhibitors begin booth selection for the 2018 ATA Trade Show. Contact Becky Lux, senior Trade Show manager, if you want to exhibit at the 2018 Show. All exhibitors must be ATA members to reserve booth space. Join now!

**June 14 – Registration for the 2018 ATA Trade Show begins! Attendees and exhibitors can log into their ATA-member account to begin the process. Need help registering? Contact the ATA Trade Show, Business and Membership office toll-free at (866) 266-2776 for help.

**June 14 – The 2018 ATA Trade Show hotel block opens. After you register for the Show, you’ll receive access to hotel reservations in the final step of the online Show registration process. Click the “Book Hotel” link and follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly book rooms online.

June 20-22 – The NASP World Tournament takes place in Orlando, Florida. NASP promotes student education, physical education and participation in this lifelong sport. Watch student-archers compete individually and as teams.

Help your customers prepare for the upcoming hunting season by offering archery lessons, and educational programs like ATA’s Explore Bowhunting.


**July 10 – Enrollment for Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Certification courses held at the 2018 ATA Trade Show opens. Contact the ATA’s business and membership office at (866) 266-2776 or (507) 233-8130 to register.

**July 15 – Bowhunting season starts soon. Ensure your shop is ready for the crowds with ATA’s help. Learn how to keep your archery range safe and accident-free with these tips. Obtain the Explore Bowhunting program to teach and educate youths about bowhunting best practices and skills. Then enroll in a USA Archery Level 1 or 2 archery instructor certification course nearby to add value to your retail shop and turn your business into a profit center. The ATA has partnered with USA Archery to offer instructor certification courses tailored to retailers at the ATA Trade Show. Check closer to the Show to learn more.


Aug. 2-6 – The USA Archery Outdoor Nationals takes over Westfield, Indiana. This tournament includes the U.S. National Target Championships and the JOAD National Championships. Click here for details.

Aug. 3-6 – The Archery Shooters Association Classic takes place in Cullman, Alabama. The McKenzie ASA Classic is part of the ASA Pro/Am Tour, a national series of Pro/Am tournaments. The ASA Federation website notes the tournament series is recognized as the best run, highest paying and most exciting event in 3-D archery.


**Sept. 1 – Full payment for booth space and sponsorships at the 2018 ATA Trade Show are due. Click here for more information.

Sept. 12-17 – Archery takes us to Beijing, China! Follow @worldarchery on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news throughout the World Archery Para Championships and other events.

Sept. 13 – Attend the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation annual banquet. The CSF works with Congress, governors and state legislatures to protect and advance hunting, angling, recreational shooting and trapping. Learn how you can get involved here.

Sept. 19-24 – Bounce from China to Robin, France, to stay engaged in archery for the World Archery 3-D Championships. View the World Archery lineup here.


The ATA’s provides resources to prepare customers for bowhunting success both during the rut and all season long. This site, along with, directs customer to your archery store through its store locator.



**Oct. 1 – Book your flight to the Indianapolis International Airport for the 2018 ATA Trade Show. Square away any travel details and follow up with your hotel to confirm your room reservations.

Oct. 15-22 – World Archery’s World Archery Championships take place in Mexico City. After the World Archery Championships end, the world’s international federation leaders convene for the World Archery Congress, a biannual meeting that focuses on growing and developing archery worldwide.


**Nov. 14 – The whitetail rut is on in most states. Direct customers to ATA’s consumer websites ( and for archery and bowhunting tips, information and resources. Each site also features a store locator that drives traffic to ATA-member stores. All ATA members receive a free store listing in the locator. Consumers use that locator to find a nearby shop. Contact Scott Gieseke, ATA’s information systems and membership manager, to ensure your store’s information is up to date.


**Dec. 20 – Bowhunting seasons are wrapping up nationwide. Teach your customers how to winterize their bowhunting gear and prepare for the offseason. Host archery leagues or family events to keep your customers engaged and the money flowing.

**Dec. 31 – Prepare for the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and most inclusive show! You guessed it, the 2018 ATA Trade Show! Pack your bags, secure your travel plans, and inventory your shop’s supplies to identify your purchasing needs. Learn how to shop for your shop and visit ATA’s Trade Show webpage to get other important Show information, news and updates.

And, right after the ball drops, attend the 2018 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, Jan. 11-13, 2018.

There you have it! A comprehensive list of archery-only events. Print this article and tuck it away in your breast pocket so it’s near and dear to your heart.

Contact the ATA business office at (866) 266-2776 to learn more.

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