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4 Bow Manufacturers Launch Products at 2017 ATA Trade Show

Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

Author: Cassie Scott

Four bow manufacturers unveiled their new bows on the opening day of the 2017 ATA Trade Show, Tues. Jan. 10. Each launch was the precursor for multiple orders from dealers around the country. And, with so many dealers under one roof, it’s likely the sales were through it. See what company representatives said about their new products and launches, and the specs of each below.

Elite Archery

With dealers and customers in mind, The Outdoor Group launched six new bows at the Show. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

CEO of The Outdoor Group, Greg Steil, spoke about the importance of the six bows they launched at the Trade Show. “Our goal at The Outdoor Group is to continually bring innovation to the industry,” Steil said. “We want our dealers to be successful, and most importantly our customers to be satisfied, as well as successful. We must deliver those products to the dealers so they can deliver them to the customers. This launch ensures that.”

  • Emerge: 31⅞ -inch axle-axle, 7-inch brace height, 4.1 pounds, 36⅝-inch cable, 24 to 28-inch draw length with ½-inch increments, 305 fps
  • Impression: 31 7/8-inch axle-axle, 7-inch brace height, 4.1 pounds, 36⅝-inch cable, 24 to 28-inch draw length with ½-inch increments, 305 fps
  • Tempo: 34-inch axle-axle, 7 ¼-inch brace height, 4.4 pounds, 39-inch cable, 28 to 32-inch draw length with ½-inch increments, 325 fps
  • Option 6: 32-inch axle-axle, 6-inch brace height, 4.3 pounds, 37-inch cable, 26 to 30-inch draw length with ½-inch increments, 342 fps
  • Option 7: 32-inch axle-axle, 7-inch brace height, 4.3 pounds, 37-inch cable, 27 to 31-inch draw length with ½-inch increments, 332 fps
  • Revol: 35⅛-inch axle-axle, 7-inch brace height, 4.3 pounds, 39-inch cable, 26 to 31-inch draw length with ½-inch increments


Bowtech launched several products prior to, and at the Show to accommodate dealer requests. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

Todd Snader, brand and marketing manager for Diamond, Bowtech and Stryker, said, “We like attending the Show just because of the number of dealers we have here. We move our flagships based off dealer feedback. It seems 50 percent of dealers ask us to launch early, but the other half wants to have sell-through on their prior year, so we try to launch some early and some at the Show to accommodate.”

  • Bowtech BT-mag: 36-inch axle-axle, 6¾-inch brace height, 4.6 pounds, 26½ to 30-inch draw, 340 fps
  • Diamond by Bowtech, Sonar: 33-inch axle-axle, 6½-inch brace height, 3.3 pounds, 18 to 30-inch draw length,
  • Excalibur GRZ2: 30½-inch width un-cocked, 26½-inch width cocked, 5½ pounds, 200-pound draw weight, 305 fps


The launch of Hoyt’s new bows drives drive sales at the Show. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

When asked what bow dealers should look for when writing orders for their shop, Mike Luper, vice president of marketing and international sales, said, “Dealers need to find a manufacture they can trust because their reputation is standing on the manufacturers they represent. They should find one with top quality products that are durable and reliable. Our brand meets those standards.”

  • Fred Eichler Signature Series Satori: Traditional bows available in 17-, 19- and 21-inch riser length configurations
  • Klash: 28-inch Axle-Axle, 7-inch brace height, 3½ pounds, 18 to 29-inch draw length, 300 fps

New Breed Archery

New Breed Archery taps into a new market with the launch of its traditional bow, RK1, at the Show. Photo Credit: Scott Einsmann

Kyle Null, CEO of New Breed Archery, hopes to increase sales in the new year, making retailer more profit with the launch of their new bows and customers happy with their innovative products. This year we tapped into a different market and launched a traditional bow, RK1,” Null said. “Up until now we were a compound company. Our new recurve, RK1, has opened the doors to a new market and we hope to see an increase in sales because of it.”

  • RK1: 60-inch bow length, 7 ½ to 8-inch brace height, 2 pounds, 28-inch draw length, 200+ fps
  • Cyborg 2.0: 37-inch axle-axle, 7 ¾-inch brace height, 4.3 pounds, 25 to 33-inch draw length, 325 fps

Each manufacturer hopes their new bows will impact the industry in the 2017 year. Steil believes the new products can positively impact bow sales and said, “since November people have really gotten excited. They are opening their checkbooks and are starting to do the thing they have been wanting to do, but were reluctant.”

As dealers walk the Show floor, they can actively engage with the products and inspect each bow with their own eyes to make better purchasing decisions. Many bow companies also brought their engineers and marketers to the Show to better equip dealers with the information they need to help sell their products.

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