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5 Reasons to Become a Certified Archery Instructor

People will pay more for an expert’s opinion and ATA-Member retailers know it. Certification from a trusted, well-known source adds value to your class and lessons. Here, retailers take advantage of USA Archery certification offer at the 2015 ATA Trade Show.
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Jennifer Mazur

ATA member retailers will get another shot to become a certified archery instructor at the 2017 Trade Show. And, get this: it’s a program USA Archery tailored specifically for the show, making it easy and convenient for archery shop owners and employees to get certified.

So is becoming a certified instructor worth the time and effort required?  The answer might depend on your plans for the future, such as who and how many archers you plan to teach, and how often you plan to teach them. Your decision may also benefit from understanding that archery classes can be a pathway to profit.

Assuming you’re “certifiable,” here are five reasons to take this exciting step.

1. Credibility

Certification is necessary to teach kids any outdoor skill these days. Whether it’s canoeing, camping, kayaking, paddle-boarding or, you name it, there’s a certification class for it. Parents expect a certified instructor for themselves or their children, and they’re more comfortable when the instructor is fully certified. “Certified” instructors give your program credibility.

2. Programs and Competitions

Virtually all clubs or archery programs require a certified coach or instructor to run the course. Programs such as Explore Archery, JOAD and others are easy to implement, and include pins or patches for achievement goals, which inspire archers to keep returning. These awards might cost a little at first, but a good pricing structure ensures they’re quickly profitable and produce good returns on investment.

Explore Bowhunting adds another element to classes, and reaches audiences seeking this training. Many after-school clubs or community park and recreation agencies will partner and allow access to their resources to provide needed services. Partnering with an agency opens marketing opportunities to potential new demographics and, best of all, the partner does it for you. Becoming certified could open additional revenue sources besides the archery shop.

Photo Credit: USA Archery

3. Word-of-Mouth Shop Promotions

No one will sing your praises higher than a proud, happy parent. A recent Intelliseek study revealed 88 percent of consumers trust word-of-mouth “advertising.” The same study found 65 percent of people trust friends for product recommendations, but only 8 percent trust celebrity endorsements.

Research shows increasing distrust with advertising. And with DVRs and TiVo, consumers more closely control what, when and if they view an ad. Likewise, if consumers like something, they’re more willing to share it with their friends. Their personal network can be extensive and highly influential.

The ATA has made it easy.

4. The ATA has partnered with USA Archery to tailor certification for retailers at the Trade Show. This ATA-member benefit means you no longer need additional time outside the shop to get certified.

In addition, the ATA provides this certification at cost. All you purchase are materials for the course. The ATA will soon release times and locations for certification at the 2017 Trade Show. Once released, check the Trade Show web page for details.

5. The Bottom Line

Let’s face it: People will pay more for an expert’s opinion. Certification from a trusted, well-known source adds value to your class and lessons.

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