5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at your Archery Range

With Valentine’s Day nearing, fresh ideas for dates are in demand, so consider adding a date night to your repertoire, and attract new customers.
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Author: Taylor Walston

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and many couples probably desire something new and exciting for their special night. Cinnamon Creek Archery in Roanoke, Texas, hosts a monthly date night called “Couples by the Creek” that attracts couples time after time. Charles Yardley, marketing director, says the event generates about a 50 percent return rate. “And when they return, they bring three new couples,” he said.

Retailers should consider following Yardley’s footsteps by hosting archery date nights. These events could promote love from Cupid’s arrows, and love for your store’s arrows. Whether the couples are seasoned pros or first-time archers, they find something to love at the range. Here are some ideas to try at your range during this season of love.

1. Heart-Shaped Targets

Recycle used targets by cutting them into hearts for a Valentine’s Day activity at your archery range. Photo Credit: National Field Archery Association.

Have lovebirds play Cupid by shooting at heart-shaped targets. You can create the hearts in varying sizes for different levels of difficulty.

2. Queen of Hearts

Use the heart suit from a deck of cards to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your own archery-themed card game. Photo Credit:

Much like the blackjack game suggested in our article about holiday-themed programs, this card game can be created from cards in the heart suit.

Set up the targets at varying distances, placing the lowest numbers on the closest targets and the highest numbers on the farthest targets, grouping the cards on each target as you see fit. Patrons must shoot from the 2 to the ace in order, stopping when they miss a card. Whoever gets the furthest or completes the lineup first wins.

3. Dinner and Archery

Consider partnering with a local restaurant and hosting a reservation-only date night at your archery range. Photo Credit: Vimbly

This idea applies to Valentine’s Day or any day in between. Consider making your date night a reservation-only event, and partner with a restaurant that serves local products. This helps promote your archery range and other local businesses, too. Nicole Nash, the Archery Trade Association’s manager of retail programs, suggests treating it like a wedding reception. Make sure all details are in place before promoting the event. How many tables can you provide in your facility? Accept reservations until reaching that number. Also, find out if the caterer requires a minimum number of guests.

Give the event a special night-out vibe, and use white tablecloths to make it feel like fine dining. Have the attendees choose their meal when registering so you have the correct servings available at the event. Also be sure to list the food’s possible allergens on the event’s flier so attendees aren’t caught off guard.

When deciding what to charge, add up what you’ll spend on food and decorations, and how much equivalent date-night activities cost, such as bowling.

4. Family Valentine’s Day

Invite families to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a pizza party at your archery range. Photo Credit: Daily Mail

A family event in the afternoon with pizza and soda might be great for those who want to celebrate with their kids before going out alone for the night. You could use the same games/events for all age groups.

5. Anti-Valentine’s Day

Consider repurposing used targets and decorations and hosting an anti-Valentine’s Day event for single patrons. Photo Credit: Susie Sweiger via Pinterest.

For those who don’t like Valentine’s Day, consider an anti-Valentine’s Day event where patrons can disregard Cupid and shoot their own arrows. The event can still deliver light-hearted fun, but for different reasons.

Consider hosting this event after your Valentine’s Day event, and repurpose the same decorations for the new vibe.

Use whatever prizes you want at the events, whether it’s candy, product discounts, or discounts on future lessons/events.

Why should you consider hosting a Valentine’s Day shoot?

The Millionaire Matchmaker promoted it.

Archery is a great activity for date nights, and is suitable for all skill levels. Photo Credit:

Professional tennis player Sam Querrey challenged his date to an archery battle on Season 8, Episode 12 of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” They made a fun wager and, at the end of the game, the prize was a kiss on the cheek. If Patti Stanger, who specializes in the science of love, likes archery as a date idea, it’s probably a good idea to partake.

It’s suitable for all skill levels.

Cinnamon Creek Archery in Roanoke, Texas, hosts a monthly date night called “Couples by the Creek” that attracts couples time after time. Photo Credit: Michael Scott via Twitter.

Yardley says attendees at Cinnamon Creek Archery’s events are overwhelmingly non-archers. But even though 75 percent of them won’t buy a bow, they return every month for the event. He said that pattern isn’t unique to archery. “When you go bowling, most people won’t buy their own bowling ball and shoes,” he said.

For attendees who are first-time archers, consider holding a brief beginner’s lesson before the event starts so they can enjoy the event’s full experience without wasting time figuring out what to do.

It’s a fun activity for all levels of dating.

Archery is a great date idea no matter how long a couple has been together. It lets couples do something active and fun, and possibly something they’ve never tried before. Photo Credit: Ohlone Archery via Twitter.

As Brooklyn Based notes, archery lets you participate next to each other, not just with each other. It’s great for new couples because it doesn’t generate lots of pressure. It offers the same benefits as bowling on a date. For instance, you can be close enough to show them how to draw the arrow if they’re struggling. You’re teaching them how to pull the string back, and your hand touches theirs. Romantic, right?

This is a great date idea no matter how long a couple has been together. It lets you do something active and fun, and possibly something you’ve never tried before.

Yardley says people get tired of doing the same old things for date night. His archery range is a welcome change for those seeking a fresh idea. He wants it to be a destination for everyone.

It might help you attract new customers.

What advice does Yardley offer retailers seeking to expand their clientele base? “Don’t limit yourself,” Yardley said. “Don’t dedicate yourself to just bowhunters. Think outside the box and get everyone involved.”

With Valentine’s Day nearing, fresh ideas for dates are in demand, so consider adding a date night to your repertoire, and make some clients for life.

For more information about event planning or the Retail Growth Initiative, contact Nicole Nash.

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