6 Social Media Tips for Retailers

Ready to up your social media game? ATA is here to help!
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Author: Jackie Holbrook

Nearly 1.5 billion people use Facebook daily. And it’s not just younger generations; 76 percent of adults have a Facebook account. Social media use is a part of daily life for many people. An increasing number of these individuals are using social media to interact with companies; 90 percent of users reach out to retailers online.

If your retail shop isn’t on social media or you don’t use it properly, you’re missing a big opportunity to connect with customers. But tending to your social media account can seem time-consuming, especially during your busy season.

Here are some tips for keeping your content fresh (and how ATA can help!).


Update Your Contact Information  

Hunting season is here, and that means hunters are on the move. Your current customers will stop in for last-minute purchases, and new customers may drop in from out of town if they forgot something or encounter an issue with their gear. Make sure customers can contact you.

Many people search for retail shop contact information through social media. Review your physical address, phone number, store hours and website information on your social media accounts. People spend 19 percent of their phone time on Facebook’s mobile app. When people view your Facebook page on a mobile device, the page displays your hours of operation, address, reviews and a phone number customers can click to call directly from the app. Keep your information current and accurate to make a good first impression.

Make sure you're responding to any comments you receive across your social platforms. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Respond to Customers

One-third of customers routinely engage with brands online. Social media is now the top choice for customer service. When customers interact with your company online, it’s important to respond. Whether it’s a private message or public comment, address all comments, questions and criticisms.

Respond to any customer engagement quickly. Responding directly to customers makes them feel valued. Even if it’s just acknowledging their comment underneath a picture you posted, a personalized response reminds customers you’re listening and engaged. For example, address the customer by the name on their social media profile.

Unfortunately, bad reviews and negative comments can happen. While it’s tempting to press delete, social media experts say it’s important to tackle these comments head-on. In a recent article, social media analytics and reporting firm Locowise advised retailers to acknowledge, apologize (if necessary) and take the conversation offline. Respond to comments online to show other customers you recognize the grievance, but then invite the customer to call or private message you for further discussion. The exception to the “do-not-delete rule?” Offensive or derogatory comments. Remove those immediately. (Read some additional tips for responding to bad reviews.)


Offer Exclusive Deals For Friends

Your social media account serves many purposes: to build company awareness, serve as a customer-service tool and, perhaps most importantly, drive traffic to your storefront. Offering your online “friends” exclusive deals through social media is one way to increase foot traffic to your store and encourage customers to continue following your account.

Photos tend to perform better than text with audiences. Consider launching an Instagram account if you haven't already. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Post Engaging Content

Posting can be the most intimidating part of social media for some retailers. Customers want content that’s interesting, informative and fresh. Photos perform much higher than text alone. Use your smartphone to snap a picture of what’s happening in your shop. Are the shooting lanes full of people having fun? Did you get some new inventory? Include a small caption explaining what’s happening with each photo and invite customers to comment.


Let ATA Do the Work

We know it’s your busy season, so we’re here to help! If you’re an ATA member, you have access to a comprehensive social media plan strategically designed for archery retailers. We put together a list of posts you can copy and paste to your page. This content is designed to be informative and engaging to your customers. Posts include tips on gear and technique, insight into wildlife habits, and stories on archery in pop culture.

Many of these posts link to in-depth articles posted on ATA’s consumer-facing websites, Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360. These websites target teens and young adults new to archery and bowhunting. The articles offer clear, informative pathways to your archery shop through the shop locator.

Set your posts to a schedule so that they publish automatically. Photo Credit: Unsplash

Set a Schedule

Most social media platforms allow you to schedule posts, which will make your life a lot easier. Scheduling posts means you input all the information ahead of time and tell the platform when to post. On certain days and times, social media posts perform better. Once again, ATA has done the heavy lifting for you. The experts at ATA created a social media calendar for your use. Using the content we designed for retailers, ATA’s social media calendar will ensure your accounts have fresh and relatable content throughout your busy season, without you having to do any work.

If you have questions about ATA’s social media content or calendar, please contact Allison Jasper, the senior director of marketing and communications for ATA, toll-free at (866) 266-2776 ext. 118, or email at

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