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7 Exhibitor Must-Do’s for the 2018 ATA Trade Show

We answered your exhibitor FAQs, and you’ve probably selected and secured your booth at the 2018 ATA Trade Show. Now what?
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Cassie Scott

We’ve answered your exhibitor FAQs, and you’ve probably selected and secured your booth at the 2018 Archery Trade Association Trade Show. Now what?

Although the ATA Trade Show team will walk you through your journey to the Show, this handy checklist includes seven exhibitor must-do’s to prepare you for a productive and profitable 2018 Show.

1. Register to Attend the Show

The ATA Trade Show is a members-only event. All attendees must be verified by ATA staff in order to receive a Show badge and access to the floor. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Your booth space might be secured, but every staff member attending also needs to be registered for a badge. Registration for the 2018 ATA Trade Show opened June 14. The event is closed to the public. Only ATA members can register and attend the Show. To begin the registration process, log into the Exhibitor Service Center using your exhibitor password. Then, navigate to badge registration and follow the prompts.

Need help registering? Click here for more information or contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s membership manager, at (507) 233-8134.

2. Make Hotel Reservations

The ATA hotel block offers rooms at Indianapolis’ best rates during the 2018 ATA Trade Show, Jan. 11-13. Photo Credit: JW Marriot

You’ll gain access to hotel reservations during the final step of badge registration. After registering online, click the “book hotel” link and follow the step-by-step instructions to book rooms. There are multiple reasons to book hotel rooms through the ATA. Book early to secure your top choice.

If you have questions about ATA Trade Show hotel rooms, contact Kelly Kelly, ATA’s senior meetings manager, at, or (866) 266-2776, ext. 101.

3. Send Your Full Booth Payment and Insurance Liability Certification to the ATA (Due Sept. 1)

The ATA Trade Show follows the cubic content rule, which allows exhibitors to make maximum use of their booth space vertically and horizontally.  Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Exhibitors pay their membership dues and a 20 percent down payment on their booth during the selection process. The full and final booth payment is due Sept. 1.

Exhibitors must also submit a “Certificate of Insurance” to the ATA by Sept. 1. The certificate should provide liability coverage of $1 million or more, and list these entities as additional insured parties:

  • Archery Trade Association, P.O. Box 70, New Ulm, MN, 56073.
  • Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN, 46225 (“Owner”).

Please send your full payment and insurance liability certificate to the ATA business office at P.O. Box 70, New Ulm, MN, 56073, by Sept. 1. Contact Becky Lux with questions at, or (507) 233-8132.

4. Obtain Sponsorships

The ATA Trade Show’s many sponsorship opportunities help members maximize influence and increase visibility at the Show. Photo Credit: ATA

With your booth secured, badge acquired and hotel reservation made, you might feel on top of the world, but much work remains. It’s time to seek sponsorships opportunities and reserve space in many ATA guides and documents. You can find these opportunities in the “purchase sponsorship” section in the Exhibitor Service Center. (See the Exhibitor Important Dates document for deadlines.)

Trade Show sponsorships help companies maximize influence and increase visibility; they’re essentially product placements woven into the Show’s practical elements. Companies can sponsor hotel key cards, Convention Center banners, Big Buck Tags, Goodie Bags stuffers and more!

To make the most of your money, buy a sponsorship. Check out ATA’s Sponsorship Brochure and contact Becky Lux, ATA’s senior Trade Show manager, at or (507) 233-8132.

5. Update Your Company Information and Product Categories

The ATA Show Guide and Membership Directory is the official directory to archery and bowhunting industry companies and the only directory endorsed by the Archery Trade Association. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Log in to the Exhibitor Service Center and navigate to the “edit booth information” section to update your company information and product categories. This information appears in the “ATA Show Guide and Membership Directory,” which is distributed at the Show and can be viewed in the members-only section under the ATA Member Login. The directory helps attendees find your contact information to make business connections at the Show.

Contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s membership manager, if you have questions or want to ensure your company’s information is up to date.

6. Order Show Necessities

Whether you need electrical services, booth furnishings, floor coverings or more, the ATA offers several services to make coordinating your ATA Trade Show booth a breeze. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Consider your booth needs, then plan and order accordingly. You will need to order or bring everything you need for your booth with you to the Show. Will you need electrical, lighting or video services? Do you need to hang signs or arrange booth furnishings? Have you ordered carpeting, or will you bring your own floor covering? Do you need a hardwired internet connection? These are just a few questions to ask yourself while preparing for the Show.

Several companies offer services to make your Show experience a breeze. Check out those services through the Indiana Convention Center and Shepard Exposition Services in the 2018 Exhibitor Kit.

7. Send Shipments

The ATA Trade Show Exhibitor Kit provides exhibitors everything they need to have a successful Show, including resources for shipping booth supplies to the Convention Center. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Are you and your team flying or driving? Will you pack along all your supplies, or do you need to ship items to the Indiana Convention Center? It’s likely the latter, right? Consider which products you want at your booth. Plan and list which items you can pack and which ones you must ship. For more information on shipping items to the Convention Center, click here.

Visit ATA’s Trade Show website for the many resources offered exclusively for exhibitors. The 2018 ATA Trade Show Exhibitor Kit covers these topics and more. Read it carefully, and then contact the ATA if you have questions. If stumped, call the ATA membership and business office at (866) 266-2776. We’re happy to help!

Don’t forget to download and review the ATA’s Exhibitor Important Dates document for all the due dates, information and more!

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