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Turn your dreams of an archery range or program into reality with an ATA grant.
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Author: Cassie Gasaway

Do you dream about building an archery range to give family, friends and community members a place to shoot? Or maybe you want to create a program that introduces new archers to next-step opportunities like bowhunting or bowfishing? Whatever your archery goal, the ATA can help you achieve it with funding from its new Archery Range and Program Grant.

“Part of the ATA’s mission and vision statements is to increase participation and preserve archery and bowhunting,” said Nicole Nash, ATA’s range and retail programs manager. “This grant allows us to help people or groups increase archery opportunities in their communities. We’re offering financial support to those in need while creating customers for ATA members.”

This is your chance to turn your dreams of an archery range or program into reality. Don’t miss out. Read on to learn about this fantastic opportunity and how to apply.

View the Archery Range and Programs Grant page on our website to learn more about the criteria. Photo Credit: ATA

Grant Details

The Archery Range and Program Grant arose from the ATA’s Strategic Planning process in 2018. ATA staff and their Board of Directors recognized the nation’s continuing need for more archery ranges and programs. These facilities increase recreational opportunities, generate sales and income for businesses, boost archery and bowhunting participation, and promote partnerships with outdoor-related organizations.

The grants will help recipients create or expand archery-related projects or programs, including parks, ranges, mentoring programs, archery academies, college clubs or teams, and similar efforts. The grant will not buy property or fund individual hunts, one-time events, or nonarchery programs. View the ATA’s Archery Range and Program Grant criteria for examples.

Applicants can request any amount, but funding is based on availability, and determined by the ATA’s Archery Range and Program Grant committee. The committee can grant payments to one or multiple entities. Recipients can also receive partial funding.  


Who Can Apply?

Any person, company, organization or state agency that wants funding to create archery programs or build or maintain ranges can apply. Applicants can be nonprofit or for-profit groups. Applicants need not be ATA members. However, recipient(s) must maintain an ATA membership throughout the award’s funding period. View the ATA’s membership categories here.

If you have an eligible range or program, apply today! Photo Credit: ATA

How to Apply

The grant application window has closed. The application information below refers to the grant application window that opened in August 2019 and closed in December 2019 . Thank you for your understanding.

Click here to complete the application and upload required documents, including tax forms, business plans and project budgets. ATA members can log in using their MyATA member dashboard credentials. If you’re not a member, create a login profile to submit your documents. Please note: Creating a login profile does not make you an ATA member. It lets the ATA organize and manage grant applications.


Key Dates

Grant applications and required documents are due Dec. 1. ATA staff and the ATA’s Archery Range and Program Grant committee will notify grant recipients April 15, 2020. Recipients will receive financial assistance in late-spring 2020.

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