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Author: Cassie Scott

The Archery Trade Association’s first Archery Academy 2.0 will be held Sept. 21-22 at the Florida Archery Foundation, an Easton Affiliate Center, in Vero Beach, Florida.

Archery Academy 2.0 is the ATA’s latest educational workshop, and builds off the original workshop, ATA’s Archery Academy. It teaches attendees to use next-step archery, bowhunting and bowfishing programs to boost regional participation and interest in the sport.

Archery Academy 2.0 shifts the focus from an information and education format, to implementing and integrating programs like Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing into communities in fun, profitable ways.

Explore Bowhunting teaches youths basic bowhunting skills. The curriculum includes 23 lessons and hands-on activities that help students understand nature, and strengthen their appreciation for the woods and wildlife. Explore Bowfishing was modeled after ATA’s successful Explore Bowhunting program, and teaches students basic bowfishing skills, introduces them to  bowfishing gear, discusses the many fish species they can pursue, and looks at the various habitats where fish live.

The two-day workshop also introduces attendees to Scholastic 3-D Archery certification information, Junior Olympic Archery Development club handbooks, and National Field Archery Association tournaments and league structures.

Attendees will walk away with:

  1. Program materials and equipment,
  2. Knowledge for teaching next-level archery programs to beginners,
  3. Knowledge to teach programs that develop archery and bowhunting skills,
  4. A plan for incorporating archery programs into their community,
  5. Tips for contacting local archery retailers, organizations, competitions and individuals for support.
  6. Archery Academy 2.0 also reviews equipment, including refreshers on recurve and compound bow setups, and how to make archery equipment last. Attendees also participate in a USA Archery National Training System refresher class, and receive additional coaching tips.

“We created Archery Academy 2.0 at the request of ATA members after they attended one of ATA’s Archery Academies,” said Jennifer Mazur, ATA’s director of archery and bowhunting programs. “They thought they would benefit from a follow-up workshop. This is for anyone who wants to teach introductory archery classes. We all benefit by increasing archery participation, and generating more revenue for archery retailers and the industry.”

If you wish to attend, please register for the event here, or visit for more information. Contact Jennifer Mazur at with questions.

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