ATA Board Elects Summers as Chair, and Easton, Copeland Vice Chairs

Author: Patrick Durkin

Longtime ATA Board member and officer Ben Summers, director of Operations for T.R.U. Ball Release Products, was elected ATA Board chair during the group’s March executive committee elections, while Greg Easton of Jas D. Easton Inc. and Mark Copeland of Jay’s Sporting Goods Inc. were elected vice chairs.

Summers was first elected to the ATA Board in April 2006, and has served as its vice chair since April 2010. He succeeds Scott Shultz, president/owner of Robinson Outdoor Products LLC, who served as Board chair the past three years. Shultz will now serve as Board past-chair.

“Congratulations to Ben, Greg and Mark as our new officers, and a big thank you to Scott for his leadership the past three years,” said Jay McAninch, the ATA’s CEO/president. “The ATA Board is fortunate to have so many talented people that we can lose someone like Scott, and have Ben take over with a decade of Board experience. That speaks to the depth, strength and dedication of the Board.”

Easton previously served as ATA Board chair, and has been a vice chair the past three years. This is Copeland’s first election to the Board’s executive committee. He was appointed to the Board as a Dealers Council representative in 2012.

Pictured left to right: Ben Summers, ATA Board Chair; Mark Copeland, ATA Board Vice Chair and Greg Easton, ATA Board Vice Chair.

Shultz said he enjoyed his three years as chair, and praised Summers, Easton and Copeland for their efforts and commitment. “I’ll be working with each of you to finish various issues as we prepare for our April meetings, and I’ll do all I can to facilitate a smooth transition,” Shultz said. “I’m honored to pass the ATA chairman’s gavel to Ben. Well done!

Summers said he looks forward to his work as Board chair. “I want to assure everyone that they can trust and take pride in their ATA Board,” he said. “I’ll do all I can to work with you and the ATA staff to make archery and bowhunting more enjoyable, more influential, and more profitable.

“We’ll keep working to unite the hundreds of archery manufacturers and their representatives, the thousands of archery retailers and distributors, and the millions of archery shooters worldwide, “ Summers continued. “The ATA has been an incredible force for growing archery and bowhunting, whether it’s running the largest and longest-running archery trade show, or being the trusted leader and partner in all hunting and sportfishing matters at the state and national levels. As we prepare for our industry’s May summit meeting, your ideas will be crucial in making the next five to 10 years even better. Feel free to contact me with your suggestions.”

Summers also praised Shultz’s leadership the past three years. “Scott met with Jay (McAninch) weekly to discuss the state of the industry and our organization,” Summers said. “Scott’s experience will still be felt through his role as past-chair. Scott always gives thoughtful, detailed responses to every e-mail he receives. It will be my honor to work with him for years to come.”

Ben Summers and family with Speaker Paul Ryan

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