ATA ePRO Software Could Revolutionize Your Retailing … and Increase Profits

What if one software package could run your archery range and pro shop, help you serve customers more efficiently, and boost your profits?
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Author: ATA Staff

NEW ULM, Minnesota – World-class customer service. Increased profits. Complete automation. Vastly improved organization and time management.

What if one software package could run your archery range and pro shop, help you serve customers more efficiently, and boost your profits? Thanks to the Archery Trade Association’s new ePRO software, that software now exists, and it’s only available to ATA-member retailers. Ready to learn more? Make plans now to visit the Member Services Area at the upcoming ATA Trade Show, and sign up for ATA ePRO!

ATA ePRO, which is part of the ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative, was developed by archery retailers, and it’s the first and only software package designed specifically for archery retailers. ATA ePRO stands for (electronic) Proshop Retail Organizer, and that’s exactly what this software does. Its features help you:

  • Improve your customer service and perceived value by making all work orders electronic – with complete customer history included.
  • Instantly see where you’re at with work orders: ATA ePRO offers a quick overview of all work orders in the system, including work in progress.
  • Spend your time selling product, not on the phone: Notify customers automatically with text messages and emails on the status of their work order.
  • Integrate all shop operations. ATA ePRO includes a Point of Sale system that also tracks service work and range activity. Already have a POS system? No problem. ePRO can integrate with your current system.
  • Increase profits from your archery range. With electronic sign-in and sign-out, customers can reserve a lane from home.
  • Automate your online booking for leagues and classes, which means your staff spends less time on the phone, and more time selling and repairing bows.

The software was developed by Orgmyrange LLC owner Randy Phillips, an archery shop professional with over 25 years of experience running a pro shop and addressing challenges unique to archery and bowhunting retailers. Specifically designed to get retailers up and running with just a couple of training videos, ATA ePRO is intuitive to use, and proven to work over the past year by more than 50 archery dealers.

ATA ePRO stands for (electronic) Proshop Retail Organizer. It is the first and only software package designed specifically for archery retailers, and is only available to ATA-member retailers.

“The most frequent concerns I hear from our member-retailers is that they’re too short-staffed to service their customers, and that they know they aren’t taking full advantage of profit-drivers like shooting lanes,” said Jay McAninch, ATA president/CEO. “ATA ePRO is one of the most exciting developments I’ve seen, in that it’s proven technology that maximizes your employees’ time, letting you serve more customers more efficiently, and turning those efficiencies – and your range space – into increased profits.”

Phillips explained the genesis of ATA ePRO: “This suite of software tools is unique to the archery industry, and was developed through 27 years of running a retail pro shop and 19 years of serving on the ATA Board of Directors with some of the greatest minds in the industry. We also looked at other successful industries for best practices in marketing techniques and standard business practices. This is much more than an archery pro shop in a box. Its advanced marketing techniques and organizing tools will put you light years ahead of the competition.”

Ben Summers, chair of the ATA Board of Directors, agrees that ATA ePRO is a vital tool for retailers: “I’m confident that ATA ePRO software will help our member-retailers meet the demands of business in the digital age. This software simplifies inventory, speeds up reordering, organizes bow repairs, and makes ranges profitable! The ATA Board and our revitalized Retail Council have been searching for multiple ways to help our retailer members be more efficient and effective. ATA ePRO will be the key to their success!”

The ATA ePRO system runs on all mobile devices, including cell phones. This lets customers use their mobile device to easily schedule lane time and check-outs, eliminating cash-register lines. Business owners can access their ATA ePRO information in real time from any mobile device wherever they are, and also track employee performance on sales and repairs. Finally, ePRO helps retailers market to customers based on their buying and shooting patterns, offering valuable opportunities to further increase profits.

Ready to learn more about how ATA ePRO can help your business succeed? Visit the Member Services Area at the upcoming ATA Trade Show, Jan. 10-12, 2017, in Indianapolis (Exhibit Hall F). Contact Nicole Nash at with any questions about connecting with ATA ePRO at the Trade Show.

For general questions about ATA ePRO, contact Kurt Smith.

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