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ATA ePRO Will Rock Your (Shop’s) World!

Find out why ATA ePRO is so important to store owners straight from ATA President/CEO Jay McAninch.
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: ATA Staff

Everything that goes on at the ATA always comes back to the retailers. The launch of ATA ePRO is another asset retailers can use. Jay McAnnich, ATA president/CEO, speaks directly to ATA members about ATA ePRO and its future importance in archery shop growth. The Archery Trade Association wants everyone to be ready for the upcoming season and ATA ePRO is your ticket to that success.

Within the video are retailers testimonials of the program’s success and how much it will affect their businesses in the future.

The first 100 qualified retailers to sign up for ATA ePRO at the 2017 ATA Trade Show will get this software at half-price, and the first year of service FREE! Ready to learn more? Visit the Member Services Area in Exhibit Hall F at the ATA Show to get started with ATA ePRO!

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