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ATA Show Style: What Do Your Back Pockets Say About You?

Author: Scott Gieseke

We’ve established that there’s a signature ATA Show style that’s a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. Here at the Show, men and women have created styles that represent their unique personality, and have made their jeans make a statement. So, we had to ask: “What do your back pockets say about you?”

“My pockets say I have money, a phone and gum because that’s what I carry in my pockets. At least you got my good side!”

“Usually my jeans have sparkles but today I dressed down. I like these jeans because of the stitching.”

“I wore these because I was feeling a Western vibe.”

“I’m secure in my masculinity.”

“It’s the off season. And I got these for $25 at Kohl’s.”

“I’m confident yet sophisticated. Elegant yet erotic.”

“I’m classic and simple with a little bit of bling. And these jeans were my size!”

“I’m an airbrush artist and I think my clothes say that I’m artistic.”

“I like designer jeans.”

“I like that rough, grungy look with rips and tears. I’m not some girly girl; that’s for sure!”

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