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ATA Trade Show Earns Executive Gold

The ATA Trade Show ranks among Trade Show Executive's top trade shows worldwide.
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Jackie Holbrook

Ask any archery enthusiast about the ATA Trade Show and they’ll tell you it’s a big deal. In fact, it’s so big that the rest of the world is now noticing the depth of the bowhunting and archery industry.

The ATA Trade Show ranked 84th in the Gold 100 Class of 2017. The rankings are compiled by Trade Show Executive magazine, which lists the nation’s largest trade shows based on net square feet of paid exhibit space.

Trade Show Executive announced its rankings in September at the Gold 100 Awards & Summit in California. The event also helped ATA members network with other key players in the trade show industry while showcasing archery and bowhunting’s growing popularity.

The ATA Trade Show grows in popularity every year, probably because it’s the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and most inclusive trade show. “The ATA Trade Show has experienced consistent, but responsible growth, and it’s important that we keep moving forward with a purpose,” said Maria Lewis, senior director of the Trade Show and ATA membership. “It’s great to be recognized for growth and size, but we’re also driven to create a show that meets our members’ needs.”

In September, the Trade Show Executive at the Gold 100 Awards & Summit in California honored the ATA, along with other organizations on the list. Photo Courtesy of Maria Lewis.

The 2018 ATA Trade Show takes place Jan. 11 to 13 in Indianapolis. With 9,500 attendees, 650 exhibitors and 239,000 square feet of booth space, the member-driven event promotes commerce within the archery and bowhunting industry.

“The size and success of the Show have a direct impact on funding for the ATA to develop, promote and distribute archery and bowhunting programs and initiatives nationwide, and in some cases, world-wide,” Lewis said.

Hundreds of exhibitors pay for space at the Show each year to showcase their latest and greatest products in one massive room for everyone to see and test. The Show also helps manufacturers get their products into shops and stores across the country. Other benefits of exhibiting at the Show include selling product directly to retailers while building the product’s credibility and strengthening the company’s brand.

“The ATA works extremely hard to produce a successful, dynamic show while controlling its operating expenses,” Lewis said. “That ensures we put maximum dollars back into the industry. In fact, 69 percent of the revenue generated by the 2016 ATA Trade Show went toward industry and membership programs.”

By ranking as one of the nation’s top 100 trade shows based on paid exhibitor space, the ATA Trade Show proves its value to exhibitors and their businesses. Shop owners also recognize that value. They can order new inventory at the Show, and return home with newfound product knowledge to share with their customers.

Even though it generates big buzz in the bowhunting and archery world, the Show is restricted to ATA members. By remaining closed to the public, the Show lets members focus on networking, writing orders and conducting business. If you can’t attend, you can follow the 2018 ATA Trade Show (@ATATradeShow) on FacebookTwitter and Instagram; and reading in-depth articles from the Show at and

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