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#ATA2018: Build Your Brand With a Show Sponsorship

Sponsorships help drive customers to your booth and increase your brand's visibility.
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Cassie Scott

Do you want to drive customers to your booth, increase your business’s visibility, and stand out at the 2018 ATA Trade Show, the archery and bowhunting industry’s largest and most inclusive show?

Of course you do! So, take advantage of the Show’s many sponsorship opportunities today!

Why consider a sponsorship?

Trade Show sponsorships help companies maximize influence and increase visibility; they’re essentially product placements woven into the Show’s practical elements, giving you a competitive advantage. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

Trade Show sponsorships are powerful marketing tools that help your business in many ways. They help companies maximize their influence and increase their visibility. They’re essentially product placements woven into the Show’s practical elements, giving you a competitive advantage. You’ll also accumulate ATA Trade Show preference points, which determine when you select your booth for the upcoming Show.

Joy Bastawrous, senior marketing manager of the ATA Trade Show and membership, said it might be nerve-wracking to buy a sponsorship, but the expense is justified.

“If you’re going to spend time and money to exhibit, you should do everything you can to maximize your visibility and promotion, and take advantage of everything offered at the Show,” Bastawrous said. “Sponsorships are a good way to be recognized, increase traffic – and sales – at your booth, and show your support for the industry.”

How do I decide where to invest?

The decision on what and where to sponsor is specific to each exhibitor. The ATA uses a very personalized, tailored approach to help each exhibitor obtain appropriate sponsorships that meet their marketing needs and accomplish their promotional goals. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

What if you see the benefits of a Trade Show sponsorship, but can’t decide what to invest and where? No problem.

“First, decide your goals for the Show,” Bastawrous said. “Are you there to increase visibility and network with exhibitors and attendees, or to write orders and boost your bottom line? Once you understand your goals, put together a marketing plan with a budget. From there, look at your options and talk to ATA staff, and we’ll help you decide what’s right for your business.”

Deciding what and where to sponsor varies by exhibitor. The ATA offers personally tailored advice to each exhibitor to help them choose sponsorships that meet their marketing needs and promotional goals.

Generally, to showcase new or updated products or lines, use the Show’s “Featured Products” area. If you want to draw attention to a larger item, we have several high-traffic areas available throughout the lobbies for a vehicle or structure display. To increase brand awareness, buy a banner or sponsor the Visa card, hotel key cards, complimentary Wi-Fi, or a variety of other options.

What sponsorships are still available?

Sponsorships can increase brand awareness. Investing in things like banners, the Visa card, hotel key cards, Wi-Fi or a variety of things can get your name out there easily. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo.

Check out ATA’s Sponsorship Brochure to view the lineup of possibilities. Or visit the ATA’s website to view sponsorships and booth promotion opportunities. To secure your sponsorship or ask questions, contact Bastawrous at or (832) 338-8625.

  • Premium Sponsorships: ATA premium sponsorships are placed in areas of the Indiana Convention Center that offer high traffic and high visibility. These sponsorships include banners, columns, floor clings, wall clings, food courts, ATA seminars, vehicle placement and structure placement.
  • Visa Gift Card: ATA members who attend the 2018 Show receive a $150 Visa card to offset their trip’s costs. Sponsor this item and you can add your logo to every card handed out. Be the company that brightens ATA members’ days as they swipe away.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi: The ATA provides free Wi-Fi for Show attendees. Buy one of six logo placements, which include a hyperlink. Every time a Show attendee logs onto the free Wi-Fi, they get directed to a landing page where they’ll see your logo. They can click on your link to learn more about your company and its products.
  • Convention Center Banners: The Indiana Convention Center’s unique design offers many fantastic, strategic, high-visibility locations for banners, which are available in several sizes and prices.
  • ATA Membership and Show Guide: Advertise in the official ATA Show Guide & Membership Directory to maximize your marketing dollars during the Show and the year that follows. This industry directory is often rated as the Trade Show’s most valuable marketing tool because it’s also distributed to local, state and federal agencies that make decisions affecting our industry. The deadline to reserve space is Dec. 5.
  • Create Your Own Sponsorship: Your creativity is our greatest asset. It’s your product and your brand! ATA staff will work with you to tailor a sponsorship program to fit your company’s needs.
  • Big Buck Tags: Attract dealers and brand your company through the Big Buck Tags Coupon Book. Every shop and independent dealer attending the Show receives this valuable book. This affordable marketing tool creates brand awareness with retailers, and highlights Show specials and giveaways. The deadline to reserve space is Nov. 1.
  • Featured Products Showcase: The Featured Products Showcase is a “passive product preview” for attendees. Retailers and media members swarm this area to evaluate the latest products. This area gives exhibitors another opportunity to display their products and drive traffic to their booth. Submit a product for regular display or sign up for a custom corner and display your product on an elevated pedestal on one or all four of the corners in the Featured Product Showcase. Custom Corner sponsors also receive their logos printed on the pedestal’s outer panels.
  • Goodie Bag Stuffers: This sponsorship is a budget-friendly way to get your company’s name and products in front of every Show attendee. Be the first to make a great impression by putting product information into dealers’ hands as they check in for the Show. Put your flyers, DVDs, brochures, products, coupons, memory sticks, product samples, promotional items or other goodies into the official Trade Show attendee tote bag. Sponsors must provide 3,400 items so we can put one in every goodie bag. Deadline to reserve space is Nov. 1.

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