ATA’s Outreach and Education Team, Part 3: Meeting Members on the Road

ATA’s outreach team travels to you, making it easier to connect, ask questions, and get resources and business advice. Take advantage of these opportunities.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Scott

Life is about the give-and-take, but the Archery Trade Association’s outreach and education team just gives, gives, gives. They give advice. They give their time. They give their all to help ATA members succeed. You may know this first-hand if you’ve met one of the five team members as they travel the country to connect with ATA members.

“We work for our members 365 days of the year,” said Jennifer Mazur, ATA’s senior director of outreach and education. “Our team travels to events and meetings year-round to meet our members where they’re at. No matter where we are, we want ATA members to look for us, talk to us and let us help them answer questions or grow their business.”

To take advantage of what the ATA outreach team offers, find them at the following places.

Archers line up for competition at the Vegas Shoot. Photo Credit: The Vegas Shoot Facebook


ATA outreach staff attend multiple local, regional and national indoor and outdoor tournaments annually. They talk with coaches, manufacturers and other attendees about industry issues, business challenges, and how to recruit, retain and reactivate archers and bowhunters. They also meet with partners to brainstorm ways to increase archery participation.

You can spot ATA staff by their ATA name tags and clothing. Stop them to chat about the industry, ATA’s business resources and how to work together to grow archery sports.

Josh Gold and Dan Forster attend the AFWA Director's Lunch Awards. Photo credit: ATA

Meetings and Conferences

The outreach team works with state and federal agencies. They regularly attend meetings with organizations such as the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency and the Council to Advance Hunting and the Shooting Sports, among others. This includes specialized AFWA R3 committee meetings. 

“By attending meetings, we ensure archery stays at the forefront of recruitment efforts,” Mazur said. “Instead of going state to state, we go to national meetings or conferences to meet with representatives from multiple states. This strategy provides the best return on investment.”

ATA’s presence at industry meetings and conferences keeps staff informed about what’s happening in the outdoor community. That insight and knowledge helps the ATA team adapt to change and make better decisions for members.



Mazur and her team often attend the Kinsey’s Dealer Show, the National Archery Buyers Association Trade Show, and other outdoor shows. They present seminars about ATA programs, and explain how to create business goals or maximize profits in an ever-changing market.

ATA staff showcase the many services the ATA offers its members and explain how people can join or get involved with the Association. These shows also provide a chance to speak with staff about how they can best serve retailers and the industry. Make an effort to talk to an ATA representative if you see them at a show.

Listen to Kurt Smith's podcast, Beyond the Bow, for information about industry happenings. Photo Credit: ATA


ATA’s outreach team has a prominent online presence. They constantly provide information for articles. They also create hundreds of free online resources, such as PDFs, videos, handouts and more, for ATA members to access. For example, you can download the ATA’s Archery Park Guide or Archery Safety Brochure, or watch training videos about how to implement ATA’s Explore Bowhunting curriculum in your shop.

The ATA even has a podcast. Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations, hosts the ATA’s Beyond the Bow podcast, which features peer-to-peer communications on best practices for the archery industry. Smith goes out into the archery community to interview ATA members and partner-organization representatives. The podcast helps broadcast ideas, thoughts and relevant information to ATA members nationwide.

The free podcast is available online at, and it’s accessible by tablet, computer or mobile device. “Beyond the Bow” is also available on SpotifyStitcher, Podbean and Apple Podcasts. New episodes are available at the start of each month.

Although the ATA can’t be everywhere, staff members try to attend as many events as possible. They’re approachable, so don’t be shy if you see them! Sharing ideas and discussing information with the team can only make the industry stronger.

Not planning to attend an event? You can still contact ATA’s outreach team by phone or email. View the staff directory here.

Contact Jennifer Mazur if you have questions about ATA’s outreach and education efforts. Also, watch for Part 4 of this series, which discusses how you can interact with ATA’s outreach team at the 2019 ATA Trade Show in Louisville, Jan. 10 to 12.

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