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Banks Blinds: The Best Offense

Author: Michael Turbyfill

The best defense is a good offense. It’s a phrase used in the sports world. Outscore your opponent and you win. Simple concept.

In the world of bowhunting whitetails, defense has always been key. Conceal yourself. Quiet your equipment. Buy items that attempt to mask your scent. Rarely do products allow you to be more aggressive without sacrificing stealth.

Banks Outdoors allows for aggressive bowhunting for whitetails. Instead of looking at a property and picking out the right tree in which to hang a stand, the Banks Outdoors Stump series of blinds allow you to “take the tree to deer.”

If you watch outdoor television you’ve probably seen notable outdoor celebrities take giant bucks out of elevated blinds more frequently. That’s because many elevated blinds are scent tight, allowing you to do everything wrong. Wear what you want – including shorts or t-shirts during early season. Hunt any wind. The scent tight blinds keep you concealed, allow you to draw your bow undetected and large vertical windows (like the ones on the Banks Stump 4 Pro Hunter) allow for easy shots with a bow.

Make no mistake, you will harvest more big bucks if you hunt out of scent-tight, elevated blind. It’s a point retailers should be making to customers who are on the fence about the investment.

New for 2016 Banks is introducing the elevated steel skid system which allows for the blind to be pulled by truck or UTV for perfect placement in food plots, crop fields or other target zones where big bucks are frequenting. If you’re on one side of a field in the blind and the deer are staying on the other side, you can go to the deer for your next hunt with a quick tow.

The Stump 4 Pro Hunter includes sound deadening wall insulation so if you drop your release or binos, it won’t alert every deer in the area. The newly designed vertical windows come with shades for concealment. The spacious blinds allow for multiple people to hunt comfortably – even on the coldest of winter days – when a portable heater makes a nice accessory.

It’s like buying a car. There are many bells and whistles, shapes and sizes that add to the price. The base model in the Stump series starts at $1,066.00. The grandaddy of them all, the Stump 4 Pro Hunter is listed at $3,166.00 and comes fully assembled ready to hunt.

Oh and Banks Blinds are 100% Made in America – Minnesota, in fact.

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