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BDDW Art Gallery and Range, Mossy Oak Uniforms, and Optimal Bows

Author: Taylor Walston

BDDW – Art Gallery/Private Archery Range

Archery Trade magazine posted an article in November discussing a Dianne Sawyer interview with Jennifer Lawrence at a New York art gallery. That get-together turned out to be the perfect place for the “Hunger Games” star to teach Sawyer a thing or two. No, not about art. About archery.

The BDDW art gallery in New York City has its own archery range in the back. Gina Pham at BDDW said the interview resulted after an ABC producer came to the shop on a referral by an archery team member at BDDW. They knew the gallery had an archery club in the back, and JLaw was promoting “The Hunger Games” and seeking an interview location.

Why would an art gallery have an archery range? Tyler Hays, BDDW’s owner and designer, is a longtime archer. He launched a club by shooting with friends on the small range he built in the back of his store. Eventually these friendly shoots became consistent events. The club members practice every other Tuesday, and go to competitions in upstate New York. The BDDW archery range is open only to club members, which means friends, clients and Tyler’s neighbors. They’re not seeking new members, so don’t call to ask if you can join – on the off-chance JLaw makes a return visit. I know: Bummer.

Pham also said the arrowhead headband JLaw wore during the interview was made for her. The club members wear these headbands, and when Lawrence saw them she loved them so much that members made one for her. Do you think Katniss would wear that headband while taking down the Capitol?

Mississippi State University Gets Mossy Oak Uniforms

Mississippi State University’s baseball team now wears uniforms created by Mossy Oak and Adidas. MSU’s official baseball Twitter account tweeted this photo of Toxey Haas, Mossy Oak’s founder and CEO:

“Founder and CEO of @MossyOak, Toxey Haas, warming up in the bullpen for tonight’s Ceremonial First Pitch.”

Mossy Oak quoted Chris Paradise, its senior vice president: “At Mossy Oak, we embrace anything that helps us share the outdoor lifestyle. Our partnership with Mississippi State and Adidas connects the outdoors to one of the great American pastimes.”

The team played March 15 against Eastern Kentucky, debuting their uniforms outfitted with Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo.

Algorithm Designs the Optimal Bow

AMINIMAL studios created an algorithm that helps a computer generate a bow.

PSFK cited John Briscella, owner of AMINIMAL Studio, who said: “While the algorithm applies shape, it is still the human designer who decides which direction to steer the project. The software requires constraints and limitations, such as the amount of stress a certain component can take, or the places where material cannot interfere with the shooter’s motions.”

In an era where human nature and computer technology live in close harmony, society (and Briscella) ask, “Can design be automated?”

National Field Archery Association Championship Draws High Turnout

The National Field Archery Association’s national championship in Louisville in mid-March generated the NFAA’s highest turnout this year with 1,925 archers.

Archery superstar Jesse Broadwater, a Louisville native, told WLKY: “You can’t really prepare for the nerves you feel at home. My 8-year-old daughter competed here, and I got more nervous watching her than I got trying to do it myself.”

This year’s record attendance beat last year’s record of 1,700 archers.

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