Boost Business at Your Archery Store by Attracting Pokémon Go Users

Draw Pokémon Go players to your archery shop with a PokéStop, lure or social media, and spark a conversation about your shop, products and services. By targeting Pokémon Go players, you’re tapping into a whole new audience, and potential for new business.
Photo Credit: Archery 360

Author: Cassie Scott

With millions of people playing Pokémon Go, the popular free mobile app, you could target these users to drive business to your door.

If you know nothing about the game, use the How-to-Play Guide on to learn.

The premise is simple, however. Pokémon Go users want to catch Pokémon, digital creatures who are raised and commanded by their “trainers” (the Pokémon Go users). The goal is to evolve them into more powerful Pokémon, and become a stronger trainer by “leveling up” in the process. Evolving Pokémon and leveling up requires experience catching and battling Pokémon. Learn more about the process in an article on mastering Pokémon Go by Serenity Caldwell.

To achieve the goals of evolving Pokémon and leveling up as a trainer, players must first find places to catch Pokémon. Those places are commonly called PokéStops. This is where your archery store comes into play.

Millions of people are playing Pokémon Go. Use the app to boost traffic to your business by engaging with payers on social media, creating a PokéStop promotion or by purchasing lures. Photo Credit: ATA

An article by Lisa Furgison encourages businesses to create a PokéStop promotion. A typical PokéStop is a town landmark. Download the Pokémon Go app to identify a PokéStop near your archery store, and create a marketing plan around it. Adapt Furgison’s example to your location and business.

Another way to attract more Pokémon, and essentially more customers, is to buy a lure. A lure increases the amount of Pokémon that spawn in your area for 30 minutes. Learn how to buy lures and host lure parties by reading Karen Yankovich’s article 3 Ways Your Local Business Can Take Advantage of Pokémon Go.

The app also lets you see if any Pokémon are lingering around your business, either in your shop, on your range, or in your parking lot. If so, use their presence to attract players via social media. The rarer the better. Post a photo of the Pokémon nearest your business, and use popular hashtags like #pokémongo and #pokémon to help nearby players find you.

When you lure in Pokémon, you also lure in Pokémon Go players who are most likely millennials open to trying new things. Photo Credit: ATA

Whether players were drawn to your shop by a PokéStop, lure or social media, once they’re there, make their presence count.

Kristi Hines, author of 8 Ways to Use Pokémon Go for Business, suggests asking players to post pictures on social media of the Pokémon they catch at your store, and have them tag their photos and check into your store location to boost your social engagement.

Also consider giving them a coupon for 5 or 10 percent discounts on purchases, or let them use your Wi-Fi or power to charge their phone. Give them reasons to stay and browse.

Either way, spark a conversation about your shop, products and services. If they like hunting Pokémon, you might be able to persuade them to hunt real animals. It just so happens you have all the equipment they’ll need. Let them test some archery equipment, and encourage them to bring their friends and family.

Chances are, most Pokémon Go users aren’t archers or bowhunters. By targeting them, you’re tapping into a whole new audience, and potential for new business.

Go “catch them all” while boosting your business at the same time!

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