Calling All ATA-Member Retailers: Update Your Store’s Information ASAP

Help us help you! Update your store’s information in the ATA’s database and we’ll send customers to your doorstep.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Cassie Scott

The ATA wants to send customers to your doorstep to help your business succeed. Help us help you by verifying or updating your store’s information in the ATA database. Doing so ensures your name, address, services, website link and contact information remain current and accurate in the ATA’s store locator and ATA Trade Show mobile app.

Plus, it’s free and easy to do!

Log into the member login portal using your email and password. Don’t forget to check the box to prove you’re not a robot! Then, click “My Information” in the left-hand menu. Next, click your store’s name under “Linked Organizations Information.” View and edit your phone number, email address, street address and website URL. And be sure to hit “Save.”

To update your organization’s name, edit your store hours, or update services, classes or range information, you must contact the ATA business and membership office at or call (866) 266-2776, option 1 for assistance.

Our consumer websites offer a user-friendly list of all the archery shops in the area. Want in? Provide us your info and we'll be happy to include you. Photo Credit: Archery360

Once your information is up to date, you can breathe easy knowing the ATA’s got your back. We’ll automatically list your business on the store locator, an online tool found on the ATA’s Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 websites that steers new customers to your shop to take lessons, buy equipment, or arrange service and repairs.

How does the store locator work? Customers use their computers or mobile devices to find your store using geolocation, a technology that pinpoints a customer’s location through internet connections. Customers can also type in the city’s name or a zip code to find archery shops. It’s easy to use. The store locator connects potential customers to your business, helping your business grow.

Want to see your name listed here? Update your info in our database. Photo Credit: Bowhunting360

Did we mention the Archery 360 website receives more than 8,800 visitors per month? That is a lot of new customer potential headed your way, but only if your store’s information is current. Don’t wait! Log in to update or confirm your information now.

Please note: The store’s primary contact person is the only one authorized to change the organization’s records.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Wendy Lang, ATA’s senior manager of membership, at or (507) 233-8134.

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