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CEO Blog: #ATA2019

Matt Kormann looks back at last year's Trade Show and ahead to the future of the ATA.
Photo Credit: ATA

Author: Matt Kormann

What a difference a year makes. At this point last year, I was too busy to be excited about my first ATA Trade Show. I was learning a new role, working with new people, and meeting new members. “Drinking from a firehose” seemed the most common – and accurate – description.

Fast forward a year, and I’m in a more familiar place when thinking about Louisville and #ATA2019. In my previous career I felt a nervous energy before every business trip, and especially before every trade show. I was always excited to get where I was going, but with an appropriate degree of nerves that made me pay a little closer attention to details. Musicians often describe the same feeling. It’s not stage fright, but it makes them focus more on the job at hand.

Last year's discoveries will bring about this year's successes. Photo Credit: ATA

Many target archers and bowhunters feel the same thing. Those first few ends at a tournament are intense. The best shooters harness that intensity to focus, make stronger shots, and lay down a score for others to chase. I felt the same thing during my last sit in a treestand. When that little buck appeared, my nervous energy hit. But I clearly remember making my shot and being confident in the outcome – even if it wasn’t the one I desired.

Just as my bowhunting expectations changed, so have my expectations for your ATA. Last year we focused on execution and transition. This year? We’re assessing our organization and its evolution. That’s why our theme of “Forward Velocity” is so appropriate this week. It’s also why we’re all excited for what you’ll see in Louisville.

Your ATA’s new brand represents who we are – and who you are as ATA members. It’s a strong image that respects our archery and bowhunting history while projecting a positive future. That design is based on hundreds of interactions with members who, more than anything, told us about the industry’s internal passions. We can’t wait for you to see it, experience it, and tell us what you think about it.

Kormann looks forward to interacting with members again at this year's Show. Photo Credit: ATA

I’m also excited about how we’ll interact with you during #ATA2019. While we continually grow our seminar series, our team is also making it easier for you to learn more about your ATA, and why membership is important to your business. The new “Coffee Talk” sessions will be a hub for all of that, and the redesigned “My ATA Area” is where it’ll all come together.

Personally, I’m even more excited to spend time on the Show floor, in the seminars, and in the “My ATA Area.” If you see me, please stop and say hello. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell me what keeps you and your team up at night, and how you think your ATA can better benefit your business.

Travel safely, and we’ll see you in Louisville!

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