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CEO Blog: Why Your Vote Matters

Voting and staying engaged is important. Every member should do their part.
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Matt Kormann

Every year is an election year for your ATA, and 2018 is no exception. Throughout November and December, the ATA Board of Directors solicited nominations for three seats. We’ve received 11 responses from members, and the voting began this week. The top three organizations receiving votes will be installed as Board members during our April 17 meeting in Minneapolis. As a reminder, with the exception of closed executive sessions, all ATA Board meetings are open to the public. Please attend if you can!

Historically, we’ve had low election participation. An average of 16 percent of eligible member organizations have voted the past five years. In any given year, only 77 companies are determining the ATA’s leadership.

I spent my free time in Indy walking the Trade Show floor and the convention center’s hallways. I heard from lots of retailers and manufacturers all week, and some common themes emerged. I’ll discuss those in another blog post. I know you have opinions on what the ATA can do for you and our industry. I know because you told me. Please help strengthen our industry by voting for our leadership. Their backgrounds and reasons for seeking a Board seat were distributed yesterday. Do your research and cast your ballot so we can be stronger together.

We’ve all felt the effects of bowhunting’s downturn. If you were in Indy last month, you also saw that our industry has a bright future. Help us shape it by supporting the election process and casting your vote now.

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