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Confessions of the ATA Show’s Boldest-Bearded Men

Author: Scott Gieseke

Beards have become one of the most popular fashion trends at the ATA Trade Show. Though some may bristle at the idea of sharing their style secrets, these savvy guys explained why they grow a beard, and how they tame their facial mane.

“I hate shaving.” – Jon Justice

Maintenance: An array of beard balms and oils

“Five years ago, my wife saw an old man with a long beard and long hair on the beach and she said that would be me in five years. Now here I am! My nickname is Rambosquatch.” – Clay Hair, “Crosshairs with Kris and Clay Hair”

Maintenance: Coconut oil for now; his Rambosquatch beard care line is debuting soon (yes, really!)

“My motorcycle fabrication shop is cold in winter and the beard helps keep my face warm.” – Don Davis, Forward Tactical

Maintenance: Shampoo and conditioner

“I’m from Indiana and I’d always grow a beard during deer season until I harvested a deer. Three years ago, I started trapping foxes, raccoons and coyotes, and started growing the beard. I guess you could say it’s grown on me, so I’ve kept it.” – Jeremy Neely, Trophy Hunting LLC

Maintenance: shampoo, conditioner and beard oil

“I’ve always wanted a long beard, and my wife likes it.” – Gabe Pranger

Maintenance: daily shampoo and beard balm

“I’ve always grown a beard for late bow season, and I think it looks cool.” – Jason Deveau, “Country Boys Outdoors”

Maintenance: shampoo and conditioner

“I don’t like to shave. I’ve had a beard like this since 1977.” – Raymond Bunn

Maintenance: shampoo and an occasional trim

“Having a beard takes less maintenance than shaving. And my fiancée loves it.” – Jeremy Moore, Moore Outdoors

Maintenance: “I used to use Grave Before Shave beard oil and balm. Now my fiancée makes it.”

“I was in the Marines for 27 years and now I don’t shave because I don’t have to.” – Steven Tatum

Maintenance: shampoo and conditioner

“I’m a man and men have beards.” – Dave Skinner, Whitetail Properties

Maintenance: daily doses of bacon grease and barbecue sauce

“After 5 years of having to shave every day in the Army, I got out and decided to grow a beard.” – Scotty Hasting, Herndon Archery

Maintenance: Dollar Beard Club oil and conditioner

“It keeps my face warm.”

Maintenance: shampoo

“I got tired of shaving my face. And since my hair doesn’t grow anywhere else, I figured why not grow a beard?”

Maintenance: soap and water

“It looks better than my baby face.”

Maintenance: Dapper Dan Beard Balm

“I don’t like shaving. I trim my beard at the beginning of deer season and keep it trimmed over the summer because I race a stock car and I don’t like putting a helmet on over my beard.” – Mark Barrett

Maintenance: whatever shampoo, conditioner and beard oil his girlfriend gives him

“I didn’t get a buck this year so I’m going to keep growing my beard.”

Maintenance: soap and beard oil

“Do I feel like more of a man with a beard? No. I feel like more of a woman, which is odd. Honestly, I started growing a beard to see how it looked and now my girlfriend won’t let me shave.” – Shane Indrebo

Maintenance: trim the sides and use beard oil

“I’m too lazy to shave.” – Jeffrey Snead

Maintenance: shampoo and conditioner

“I grow a beard because I’m a man. And manliness knows no beginning and no end.” – Freddy Lagos

Maintenance: shampoo and conditioner

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