Deck the Halls with Archery! 6 Ideas for Themed Shoots

Deck the halls with archery – and gain new customers – this holiday season by hosting a themed fun-shoot.
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Author: Taylor Walston

The holidays are a time for family, continuing family traditions, and starting new traditions of your own. As a retailer, you want to make your brand accessible to families to enjoy together or individually.

If you want families to visit your range or store and build holiday memories with you, consider the following advice from Nicole Nash, ATA’s manager of retail programs. Nash recommends six ways to draw customers out of the cold and into archery this winter.

1. Pin the Nose on Rudolph – Archery Style

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Print out pictures of Rudolph and attach them to your targets. The goal is to have patrons shoot arrows into Rudolph’s nose. You can adjust the pictures to make them bigger for beginners and smaller for more advanced archers.

2. Build a Christmas Tree out of Arrows – Charity

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Patrons can participate in this activity on their own when visiting the store on business, or to donate to a charitable coat drive, toy drive or fundraiser you offer. To create the Christmas tree’s base for this “passive craft” project, get a 6-foot piece of 2-inch diameter PVC pipe, and then drill arrow-width holes into it to hold the arrows. When patrons make a donation, they get to add an arrow to the Christmas tree. The more donors, the bigger the tree. Anchor the tree’s base with a standard Christmas-tree stand.

3. Play Cards with Archery – on Dec. 28.

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If your store or range offers lessons and you want to add a guided curriculum, check out Explore Archery for some lesson plans. Team USA describes Explore Archery as “an innovative education program focused on introducing beginners of all ages and abilities to the lifelong sport of archery.” One of the activities easily meshes with National Card Playing Day on Dec. 28. For this activity, retailers attach pictures of playing cards of various value to the targets. To play Blackjack, patrons shoot at specific cards to accumulate 21 points. Make sure each target provides multiple card combinations that equal 21.

4. Prize Balloons – New Year’s

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To ring in the new year, invite archers to shoot balloons filled with prizes. Put the actual prizes in the balloons, or insert a piece of paper that names the prize. Prizes can be as simple or complex as you choose. Depending on the group, you could give out toys, stickers, candy, gear or discounts on lessons/equipment.

5. Snowflake Archery

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Attach pieces of paper or coffee filters to the targets. As your archers shoot the paper, they’ll create snowflakes with their arrow holes. Use paper pieces or coffee filters of different sizes, if possible. This activity could be adapted to a “passive craft” project for those not interested in shooting or too young to shoot. Provide scissors so they can cut snowflakes from templates.

6. Eight Nights of Archery – Hanukkah

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Set up events for the eight nights of Hanukkah, Dec. 24 to Jan. 1. Much as you did with the New Year’s prize balloons, offer different prizes each night to represent Hanukkah’s eight nights of gift-giving. Raffle off a grand prize the eighth night for patrons who participated every night.

As a safety precaution for shooting activities, make sure the archers know they can’t go look at their score or pull arrows until the range is declared clear and nobody is shooting.

Give Nash’s fresh marketing ideas a try over the holidays. These events create a fun, festive atmosphere while sparking interest in archery. And don’t be surprised if you see some familiar faces come back for more!

Do you offer monthly fun shoots at your archery range? Tell us about them in the comments below.

To learn more and for help planning your own event, contact Nicole Nash at (502) 640-0944 or

For more information on marketing and growing your business to its greatest potential, check out the ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative.

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