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Don’t Miss These 2017 ATA Trade Show Events!

Easton Corbin will kick off the Show at the Outtech Innovations party on Monday, Jan. 9.
Photo Credit: Easton Corbin

Author: Heather Koehl

Over 623 exhibitors and 9,900 attendees are expected Jan. 10-12 for the 2017 ATA Trade Show – the archery industry’s largest and most inclusive show – in Indianapolis. The Show is expected to be the ATA’s largest yet. You have only three days to cover the Show’s 239,000-plus square feet of booth space, so we’ll try to help you work as efficiently as possible at the Show.

Each ATA Trade Show features lots of new archery and bowhunting gear, but the 2017 Show will make previous shows a distant dream. What follows are some vital Show features you must experience, as well as a few helpful goodies for walking the Show floor. We hope this makes life easier as you work the Show, and gives you more time for fun while in Indianapolis.

Customer Appreciation Events

Hudalla Pre-Show Event and Customer Appreciation Night

Attend the Hudalla events for good food and fun giveaways with your friends and other ATA members.

On Monday, Jan. 9, from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. share some fantastic food with friends at Hudalla Associates’ Pre-Show Event. You’ll find all Hudalla-represented companies “under one roof” in the 500 Ballroom. Check out the event’s exclusive pre-show specials, giveaways, demonstrations and new-product unveilings.

After Day 1 of the Show, enjoy a meal at Hudalla Associates’ customer-appreciation event on Tuesday, Jan. 10, from 6:15 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Don’t worry: There’s no RSVP for this event. If you want to attend, just grab a wristband from the Pre-Show Event the previous night to earn your seat at Hudalla’s 30th anniversary celebration. The wristbands will also be available at the Bear Archery/Hudalla Associates booth if you can’t attend the Pre-Show event. The wristbands run out fast, so be sure to pick one up at Booth #2629.

Hudalla Associates has given out some hefty piles of cash during this annual event, so it’s worth showing up. That’s right: cold, hard cash. Did we mention there’s free food, too?

Outtech Innvoations

Don’t miss the Outtech Innovations Party! It’s the archery industry’s largest gathering of retailers and wholesale professionals, featuring a performance by Easton Corbin!

The Outtech Innovations party, held the night before the Show, is the archery industry’s largest social gathering of retailers and wholesale professionals. Innovations 2017 takes place Monday, Jan. 9, at 6:30 p.m. in the Sagamore Ballroom. It features country singer Easton Corbin. Outtech will unveil many great new products, none of which you can afford to miss!

Member Services Area

 Visit the Member Services Area to check out numerous programs designed to help ATA members succeed in the industry.

The Member Services Area on the Trade Show floor highlights the many ATA-member programs now working to grow your business. Many of these programs are part of the ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative (RGI), designed to help archery and bowhunting retailers improve their bottom line.

Stop by the Member Services Area in Exhibit Hall F between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on January 10 and 11, and from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on January 12, and learn more about how these programs can help your business grow! The Member Services Area is centrally located on the Trade Show floor. This readily accessible area helps you maximize the many benefits and services you earn as an ATA member:

Retail Growth Initiative

The Retail Growth Initiative features several profit-building initiatives, and helps retailers …

  • Learn about the NEW! ATA ePRO software package, an archery-specific business solution for retail operations.
  • Use their shooting range to generate significant revenues.
  • Add value to their shooting programs with instructor certification.
  • Create experiences that reward customers.
  • Build websites that attract new customers.


Part of the ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative (RGI), this is the first and only software package designed specifically for archery retailers, and it’s big news for ATA members! ATA ePRO stands for (electronic) Proshop Retail Organizer, and that’s exactly what this software does:

  • Turns your archery range into a profit center
  • Electronic sign in and sign out; customers can reserve a lane from home
  • Automated online booking for leagues and classes
  • Ditch the paper and make your work orders electronic, improving customer service and perceived value
  • Decrease call volume, increase employee productivity
  • Works with your existing Point of Sale (POS) system, or use our POS system that integrates range and bow work all in one

Visit the ATA ePRO booth in the Member Service Area to learn more! 

Programs That Create Customers

  • Instructor Certification with USA Archery: Become certified as a USA Archery Level 1 or Level 2 instructor. These certifications boost your marketing value and provide your staff with the skills to run programs that increase profits. Pre-register for these classes today by calling 866-266-2776, or email
  • Explore Bowhunting: This program teaches basic bowhunting skills to students ages 11-17, sparking interest and passion for bowhunting. The focus: hands-on experiences that help students understand nature and strengthen appreciation for wildlife and the woods.
  • NEW! Explore Bowfishing: This is the ATA’s latest educational program, which teaches basic bowfishing skills. Students also learn about bowfishing gear, the many fish species they can pursue, and the various habitats where fish live.
  • Explore Archery: USA Archery’s Explore Archery helps intermediate archers build their skills and confidence before moving on to more advanced archery options. Visit the USA Archery booth for more information.
  • Archery Park Guide:  As an ATA member, this guide can be offered to local and/or state officials and those in leadership positions, as a tool to infuse archery and bowhunting opportunities into your own community.

ATA Websites That Drive Traffic to Your Store

  • Archery 360: This fun, interactive website provides lifestyle, technical, entertainment and how-to content for millions of archery fans worldwide. Most importantly, our integrated store locator gets visitors from our content to your front door.
  • Bowhunting 360: This ATA website recently launched on Facebook and as a content site for recruiting and re-engaging new and existing bowhunters. Like Archery 360, its goal is to strengthen your sales by driving customers to your shop.

Equipment That Makes Customers Happy

  • NEW! Archery Equipment Development Program: We’ll test new gear in the field, on the range and in the classroom – and provide manufacturers and retailers with unbiased feedback about what works best for youth, women and beginners.

Advocacy: Working on Behalf of ATA Members

  • Deer Protection Program: This ATA program assures hunters the scents they buy were subject to this program’s rigorous guidelines. Scent manufacturers in this program can display the ATA’s “Seal of Participation” checkmark on scent products from participating facilities. This means the supplier and manufacturer are doing all they can to prevent chronic wasting disease from harming the nation’s deer and elk herds.
  • Ongoing Legislative Efforts: The ATA spent much of 2016 working with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to persuade Congress to enact the Pittman-Robertson Modernization Act, which would provide more money and greater flexibility for spending these federal funds on shooting ranges and hunter-recruitment efforts. The focus: promote hunter education, recruitment and the shooting sports, and broaden states’ abilities to help build and maintain shooting ranges.

For more information, stop by the Member Services Area in Exhibit Hall F between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on January 10 and 11, and from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on January 12!

ATA Academy Seminars

With over 33 free seminars you are sure to find a topic (or ten) that interests you. Presenters will discuss everything from marketing and money to websites and whitetails.

The ATA offers you 11 free seminars each morning during the Trade Show. These daily seminars – held all three days of the Show in rooms 131 to 139 and a select few in Hall F – begin at 7:15 a.m. and last one hour. Arrive early for the ATA’s free continental breakfast.

Some featured presentations among these 33 advanced classes are “Survival Guide for Archery Retailers” by Randy Philips, “Grow your Business and Create Supplementary Income” by Nicole Nash, and “Use Your Website to Drive New Sales and Acquire New Customers” by Patrick Curry. Preview all 33 of the free seminars here.

Special Member Gifts

Visa Gift Card

ATA members are encouraged to use the complimentary Visa Card to offset the costs of their trip. Put the money toward food, gas, hotel costs or other expenses.

ATA members who register and attend the 2017 show receive a $150 Visa card. This is the ATA’s way of helping you offset the cost of your trip. Maximize your time in Indy, and use the card to help cover food, gas, hotel and other expenses.

Big Buck Tags

Back by popular demand, Big Buck Tags help you save money on items as you place orders at the Show.

Big Buck Tags – introduced at the 2010 ATA Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio – put thousands of dollars into your hands as you place orders at the Show. These coupons deliver exclusive discounts to boost Show savings. You’ll find your Big Buck Tags coupon book in your registration packet. Read more about Big Buck Tags here.

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