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Easy Access is Key for Archery Parks

Photo Credit: Paul Sherar

Author: ATA Staff

When planning archery parks, it’s vital to design an area that provides easy access for archers and potential archers.

“Creating a comfortable atmosphere at archery parks is crucial, and that starts with the entrance,” said Michelle Zeug, director of community and international programs for the Archery Trade Association. “Moms and kids don’t want to go to secluded areas alone. To maximize archery recreation, it’s vital to build archery parks where people can see them and get there easily.”

Make your community archery park as inviting as possible with these suggestions from the ATA.

Michigan State University’s Demmer Center. Illustration: Ryan Kirby 

Easy access begins with adequate parking. Michigan State University’s Demmer Center, pictured above, has a paved parking area that accommodates 120 vehicles. Archery parks should provide adequate parking for vehicles, bikes and buses, with handicapped parking and drop-off as near the range as possible.

Walkways like this connect each section of the Demmer Center, including picnic area, and the beginner, competition and field-arhery ranges. Photo: ATA

The Demmer Center has a bus-turnaround area, and walkways that connect each section of the archery range. Walkways should be paved or hard-packed gravel so people with disabilities can use the archery park.

Archery Park Welcome Sign. Image: Ryan Kirby

Archery parks must also have well-defined exits and entrances, with clearly marked range entrances behind the shooting line. The park’s entrance must provide information about hours of operation, range rules, emergency procedures, local archery programs, and other useful information.

Photo: Ryan Kirby

As with all public parks, archery parks should provide shelters, bathrooms, picnic tables, garbage receptacles, drink machines and other amenities.

Check out the ATA’s Archery Park Guide to learn more design elements to consider when planning your archery park.

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