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Gear Head Bows: Petite and Powerful

Author: Scott Gieseke

“People see Gear Head bows and smile because they look fun to shoot – and they are,” said Skip Peterson, chief operating officer of Gear Head Archery. “At first, most people are skeptical because the bow is so small. But once they shoot a target with it, they realize that our products are incredibly accurate.”

A long line formed at Gear Head’s shooting lane at the 2016 ATA Trade Show. Many of the people in line were, in fact, smiling in anticipation of trying their hand at shooting the bows, which are so small they almost look like toys. And each reaction to holding the bows was nearly the same: “I want one!”

Gear Head Archery chief operating officer Skip Peterson said he and his business partners created a bow they want to shoot, and that customers will love.

Peterson said pretty much everything about Gear Head bows is new and different.

“If this bow was a ‘me too’ product instead of something unique that Gear Head is really proud of, we wouldn’t be here at the ATA Trade Show,” Peterson said. “Here, we have a captive audience that’s looking for the best archery products, and the response has been exciting.”

According to Peterson, Gear Head bows are unique because:

– they are extremely small. One model measures 18.5 inches axle to axle; one measures 20.5 inches; and one measures 24.5 inches.

– speeds range from 325 feet per second to 355 feet per second.

– they convert from a right-hand grip to a left-hand grip just by removing six fasteners.

– every model comes with a backpack, making it perfect for walking 5 to 10 miles during a bowhunt.

– they are made from top-quality materials. One model is titanium, some are carbon fiber, and the regular models are 7075 hard-coat anodized aluminum.

– users can add the same rests, sights and accessories to these small bows as they can to full-size bows.

“When I lived in Buffalo, Wyoming, I would pack in 5 or more miles to bowhunt, and I got tired of carrying a heavy bow,” Peterson said. “My partners and I thought it would be nice to have a bow we could easily carry in a backpack. We created the bow we wanted to shoot, and we know customers will love it,” Peterson said.

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