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Half in the Bag Keeps Hunters Warm

Author: Michael Turbyfill

There’s not much a hunter hates more than being cold and a new product called Half In The Bag is helping hunters stay warm without sacrificing mobility and concealment.

Half In The Bag is a thickly insulated suit that acts as part blanket, part overalls.

The idea is to pack your Half In The Bag in on your back until you reach your treestand destination. It packs small and weighs about 5 pounds.

At the base of your tree, you step into the suit and unzip it at the feet. The suit raises and hooks to your waist so it’s worn like a belt during your ascent into the tree. Once safely in your stand, lower the suit around your legs and tighten the chest area to lock in the heat – much of which you just generated during your walk and climb.

The 160 grams of Reflekt insulation repels wind and rain. Because of the overalls-like design, your arms are not restricted for drawing a bow.

For hunters, the suit is offered in both Mossy Oak camo and blaze orange and for cold days at sporting events or around the campfire, there’s a blue version.

Depending on sizing, the Half In The Bag lists for between $149.95 to $179.95 at

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