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How Do You Teach Archery to Beginners? Start With This Simple Step.

Driving traffic to your store might be easier than you think. Providing lessons and coaching by certified instructors makes your shop more accessible to customers.
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Author: Scott Einsmann

Getting certified as an archery instructor is a small investment that pays huge dividends for your business. How? By offering individual and group classes for youths and adults, you can drive traffic to your shop and boost sales.

Those prospective archers also present opportunities to create new customers, which can improve your cash flow – a vital part of any business. That’s especially important in spring and summer, when hunting season is months away and retailers must broaden their offerings to maintain consistent cash flow.

One retailer who uses individual and group lessons to broaden her business’s base is Marcy Reese, a Level 4 instructor and co-owner of Hunt N’ Shak Archery in Henrico, Virginia. Her shop conducts over 600 lessons annually with help from four certified instructors on staff.

“We run classes, camps and Explore Archery,” Reese said. “It keeps people coming in, and then they buy bows and come back for more lessons.”

Lessons are an important part of Reese’s business because they produce income while delivering upbeat marketing. “When we have classes, it generates a lot of interest,” she said. “People tell their family and friends how much fun they had.”

In fact, just having a certified instructor on staff is great marketing. It gets your store listed on multiple websites, like Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360, and it implies expertise and safety with its certified instructor(s).

“When people want to learn archery, they feel more confident in an instructor who is certified,” Reese said.

Nicole Nash, ATA’s manager of retail programs, agrees. “Certified instructors automatically add value to your programs,” Nash said. “In fact, people are more willing to pay and sign up for classes taught by certified instructors.” Why? Nash says with certified instructors, customers know they’re learning proper archery technique. “But most importantly, mom’s mind is at ease knowing her child is in safe hands,” she said.

Instructor certification classes teach archery’s basics. Even if you know all about archery, you’ll want to learn how to clearly communicate your knowledge to beginners. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

If you want to provide lessons at your store, get started now. First, earn an instructor certification. USA Archery’s certification course is a joint collaboration with the National Field Archery Association and Archery Shooters Association, and the ATA helped develop the Level 1 and 2 certifications. You can get certified as a Level 1 or 2 instructor at the annual ATA Trade Show. Getting certified at the Show in January saves time and money, and the courses are tailored for ATA-member retailers, who already know archery. If you need to be certified before the Trade Show, you can view a schedule of courses online, by visiting the USA Archery website.

Instructor certifications start at Level 1 and go up to Level 5. The higher the number, the more advanced the instructor. If your store has Level 2 or higher instructors, they can certify other members of your staff as Level 1 instructors. This helps create sustainable programs, a key component of the ATA’s revamped Archery Academy, which helps retailers and program leaders implement strategic plans to boost bowhunting and archery in their communities.

Instructor certification classes teach archery’s basics. Even if you know all about archery, you’ll learn how to clearly communicate your knowledge to beginners. You’ll also learn how to run individual and group classes to maximize your store’s earning potential and turn it into a profit center.

To ensure you’re positioned to take advantage of those opportunities, start planning now to get certified as an instructor at the 2018 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis. Registration for the Jan. 11-13 Show opens July 10, but class space is limited. Mark your calendar as if July 10 is opening day! Click here to learn more about certifications at the Show. To register, call the ATA’s business and membership office at (866) 266-2776 or (507) 233-8130 beginning July 10.

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