How to Generate Better Business at Your Archery Shop this Spring

Promote your business to parents and encourage them to visit your archery shop for archery gear, gadgets and more to entertain their kids during the warmer months.
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Author: Cassie Scott

Spring and archery go hand in hand. The sun is shining, temperatures are mild, and eager parents are seeking exciting activities that get their kids outdoors. What better time to put a bow in their hands?

If you promote your business to those parents, they might flock to your shop for archery gear, gadgets and more. Here’s how to attract them and boost archery in your community.

Offering archery parties is an excellent way to maximize your archery shop’s shooting range and earn extra income.

1. Host Birthday Parties

“Parents are always looking for creative ideas for their children’s birthday parties,” writes Kathryn Hawkins in “How to Host Children’s Birthday Parties at Your Place of Business.” Hawkins’ article explains how businesses should add this service to their offerings. She encourages business owners to create tiered pricing packages based on services, entertainment, food options and attendee numbers.

Pro-shop owners can package personal archery lessons for party-goers, as well as range time and fun, competitive games. They could also factor in the cost of a birthday present, such as a bow or other archery gear for the birthday boy or girl. Such bonuses help generate and sustain archery excitement, even after the party ends.

For more tips on hosting birthday parties and other events at your archery range, click here and here.

2. Offer Gift Cards

If you don’t have a gift-card program, create one. There’s no easier way to sell archery than to give it as a gift. It’s simple, convenient and boosts sales. Present electronic gift cards on your website, and professional plastic cards on your countertop to entice buyers.

Further, a 2010 study by First Data found that when consumers redeem gift cards, most spent more than the card’s value. The study also found that gift cards generate new business, saying, “11 percent of gift-card receivers noted they had never or rarely visited the merchant’s location” before receiving the card. Most recipients changed their purchasing behavior to redeem the card, so it’s a win-win.

Earn extra income at your archery range by providing instructions, equipment and an evening of archery fun in reasonably priced how-to classes.

3. Hold “How-to Shoot Archery” Classes

Provide instructions, equipment and an evening of archery fun in reasonably priced how-to classes. Be sure to earn a USA Archery Level 1 or 2 archery certification so you can teach your class with authority, credibility and confidence. People pay for expertise, and having certified instructors teach classes ensures newcomers learn proper form, which ensures fun experiences. Promote the event in newspapers, on social media and your website, and hang fliers in the windows of nearby businesses. Ask media to run news briefs about the event, and the dates of the next class. Do all you can to boost your store’s presence and attendance at your events.

4. Run a Contest

Reward equipment purchases with a lesson or range time. Also enter them in a month-long contest to win free services or an archery-themed gift basket. Make sure the prize relates to your business, and is something they’ll desire. Advertise the contest in-store and online.

Consider creating contests just for the kiddos! Anyone 12 and under who shoots a bull’s-eye at the range automatically enters to win an archery goodie. This contest encourages kids to practice, further promoting range time and more money for your business.

Partnering with your local parks and rec department on an archery project is a great way to spur professional growth and boost your business reputation.

5. Get Involved in Community Projects or Become a Speaker

Community involvement spurs professional growth and boosts your business reputation. Partner with archery movie premieres, and set up demonstrations at theaters. Give free range time to anyone who buys an archery lesson.

Better yet, if your state offers Explore Bowhunting or Explore Bowfishing programs, offer to teach the class’s equipment section. Demo equipment available at your shop, and hand out 10-percent- off coupons to attract new customers.

For more tips on partnering with your parks-and- rec department, click here.

6. Send Post-Card Invitations

Ensure your community knows your business exists. Send out postcard invitations to families that might want to try archery. Use the postcard to highlight your shop’s offerings to lure newcomers.

7. Package Lessons, Leagues or Range Time

Create packaged bundles for services such as lessons, league nights or range time. People love good deals, so present discounted bundles for limited times as part of a promotion. Packaged deals can encourage long-term and repeat customers.


Make purchasing archery equipment easy by assembling kits with bows, arrows, releases and quivers. Create several kits for all ages, skills and price points.


8. Offer Archery Packages

Assemble archery and bowhunting kits with bows, arrows, releases and quivers. Make sure they include everything an archer needs for shooting or bowhunting. Consider these six essentials. Create several kits for all ages, skills and price points. Put them on display. A variety of options and prices ensures something for everyone.

All archery shops, new or long-established, should continually try unique marketing tactics. They can attract new customers, establish a dedicated clientele, and boost profits. Also consider participating in the ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative to receive expert advice for growing and marketing your business.

To learn more, call the ATA’s business office at (507) 233-8130.

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