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Is Your Archery Shop’s Data Safe? With ATA ePRO, It Is.

ATA ePRO’s robust system includes tools and applications that help archery-shop owners run all aspects of their business, from inventory and work orders to range management, and automated marketing plans that geared toward target customer behavior and more.
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Author: Katelyn Rutland

Your body’s aching, your head’s pounding, and the room seems to be spinning. Why? Maybe you have a virus.

No, not that kind of virus. We’re talking computer viruses. But chances are, if you caught one, you’d feel like you have a stomach virus.

Software viruses are common in today’s digital and social age. Recall all the ads you see and hear daily touting anti-virus, anti-theft and anti-fraud solutions. These issues resonate with millions of people, and the ATA is taking steps to guarantee archery retailers receive the utmost protection for their data.

“Data security is extremely important to the ATA because we know it’s vital to our members,” said Maria Lewis, ATA’s senior director of Trade Show and membership. “In developing tools for our retailers, we look at every angle, concern and potential issue. We want to offer full-service solutions for retailers, and never create additional work or concerns on their end.”

That’s why OrgMyRange, ATA ePRO’s service provider, is updating its servers the night of June 3. This change will help archery-shop owners better conduct business while ensuring their privacy.

“We stand behind this tool as part of the ATA’s Retail Growth Initiative,” said Kurt Smith, ATA’s senior manager of retail programs. “We want retailers to know their information is safe so they can focus on running their business, not data security.”

How does ATA ePRO protect my shop, data and customers?

ATA ePRO must keep detailed records of all the relevant data involved. That’s where the servers come in. Photo Credit: ATA

ATA ePRO’s robust system includes tools and applications that help archery-shop owners run all aspects of their business, from inventory and work orders to range management and automated marketing plans that target customer behavior and more. But to manage these tasks – and boost profitability – ATA ePRO must keep detailed records of all relevant data. That’s where the servers come in.

Each time you order inventory, sell a bow or update a repair order, ATA ePRO catalogs the information. But it doesn’t just live on your point-of-sale system. The data are stored securely on OrgMyRange’s servers. Think of it as a virtual filing cabinet locked away in a double-walled safe. When you need to “retrieve” a file – a recent purchase order, inventory report, or daily range activity insights – ATA ePRO accesses its server (filing cabinet) and pulls the data you seek. Likewise, when you close your store at day’s end, ATA ePRO logs the day’s activities on its servers so you can pick up where you left off the next morning.

The new server continually backs up data throughout the day and each night. This redundancy helps the system quickly retrieve the most current information. And if you experience technical difficulties, the servers can retrieve your most up-to-the-minute data instead of numbers from the night before. That means you never miss an opportunity to connect with new customers.

“Efficient data security involves numerous steps, many of which can be time-consuming,” Lewis said. “We know time is valuable to our retailers, so we want to handle this work for them so they have complete confidence in ATA ePRO.”

OrgMyRange provides four additional ways to keep ATA ePRO data safe, secure and confidential:

Security: The new server encrypts all data with a security certificate. That means the data are private and available only to you (the retailer) and the OrgMyRange servers, which operate under a strict confidentiality agreement. In other words, it’s a two-way conversation between the server and your ATA ePRO system. No one else can see it.

Redundancy: All servers update in real-time and nightly. That means the server houses your most recent transactions. If one server has technical issues, any of the additional servers can be brought online within minutes. You’ll access your backed-up data quicker so you can focus on serving your customers.

Load Balancing: The new server monitors the amount of data being processed so no one server is overloaded. That ensures ATA ePRO runs efficiently.

Central Data Center: The new server is more centrally located in the Dallas area, making it easier to serve ATA ePRO users.

How do I prepare for the server change?

ATA ePRO even has settings to view hot items with information to inform your customers. Photo Credit: ATA

OrgMyRange LLC will begin changing the server around 8 p.m. PDT on June 3. No user action is required. The ATA ePRO servers will be down about two hours during that time to ensure all data transfers to the new server. That means retailers can’t pull reports, and scheduled marketing messages will be held until the server is back online.

Vince Lanza of OrgMyRange said they scheduled the change for a time when most archery shops will be closed. Even so, his team is ready to help shop owners who remain open.

“We recognize some shops will be open Sunday,” Lanza said. “We know this is a critical time for you, and we’re working hard to ensure you don’t see delays in your service.”

Shops that need access or experience technical difficulty during that time can contact OrgMyRange at (480) 664-2096. A dedicated support team is just one of many benefits of using ATA ePRO.

“ATA ePRO users get more than exceptional software,” Lewis said. “They get commitment from a support team that proactively anticipates needs associated with data security and confidentiality. Instead of worrying about their data, retailers can focus on running their business and greeting customers.”

To learn more about ATA ePRO, contact Smith at or (717) 578-0736.

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