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It’s a Wrap! #ATA2016

Author: Scott Gieseke

In a culture of digitized realities where transactions happen without human interaction – and without weighing a product in hand or testing it a time or two – it’s satisfying to know we still need trade shows.

Even more satisfying is having trade shows like this one.

“It’s interesting to see the different cultures of trade shows,” said Chris Bouchard of Footsteps Marketing, who provided free website consultations to ATA retailers throughout the show. “With this show, people were eager and comfortable with how they gather information and ask their questions. It’s a very family-oriented business culture here.”

If life is about relationships, there is no higher compliment. And that’s this show. It’s about relationships. The order-writing and high-level meetings start with a commonality, a shared conviction and passion for bows and arrows.

Perhaps those views are cheesy and romanticized, but then you read the social posts of attendees –  which are all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You see smiles, interlinked arms and great humor in their amateurish smartphone videos. And that’s when you know everyone here is thinking, “I like being part of this group.”

The ATA Trade Show culminates that sense of belonging. And sure, next week the ATA will begin analyzing attendance and the harder lines that define a show’s success. Retailers and manufacturers will return to their offices and review the Show’s return on investment. They’ll ask themselves if they accomplished what they needed to accomplish.

In the meantime, as the lights go out and the exposition center’s halls go empty, and we all mingle at the bar for one more glass of bourbon or one more plate of Kentucky eats, let’s reflect on the Show.

You guys were here for business but, judging by your social posts, you sure do like to eat! The count hasn’t been finalized, but preliminary numbers suggest no one attending the show posted more photos of their delectable food than the ATA’s own Director of Communications and Public Relations Teresa Johnson.

Great time this morning at ‪#‎ATA2016, teaching Angie Fenton from WHAS-11, who happens to be 9 months (and 2 days) pregnant, learned to shoot at archery!

Yes, this is one of the best booths at the Trade Show and you all know why.

THIS is why!!!!!!! #PuppyLove

Big smiles on the faces of this bunch! Guess hanging out with archery retailers ALL day in the Retail Growth Initiative hall ain’t half bad.

Dalton Vaughn of Better Outdoors Archery and Bowhunting is all smiles at the ‎PSE Archery Show booth.


Don’t talk smack about Katelyn Rutland’s trunk, OK! OK?!

Young bucks.

Dustin Lynch

Sweet guitar! Thanks Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan and the gang!

Trade Show peeps doing this. A lot. #AirArchery

Bow banter. Get Serious.

Hey, nobody said there’d be guns at this show!


Big smiles, innovative gear.

Until we meet again … big hugs from the gang at the Archery Trade Association.

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