Keep Your Company ‘Sustainable’

Your customers care about how green you are and we’re not talking camouflage patterns. How manufacturers make and build their products is increasingly important and a new partnership aims to encourage sustainability improvements among companies.
Photo Credit: ATA/Lester Photography

Author: Jackie Holbrook

Manufacturers today can keep their products in front of customers through social media, press packets, brand ambassadors, advertising campaigns and more creative ways than ever before. Yes, marketing efforts are still vital, but what you do behind the scenes can also boost sales.

How companies make and build their products is becoming increasingly important to customers who monitor how manufacturers sustainably use natural resources in their products. Those concerns are growing. One report finds 87 percent of adults say sustainability concerns affect their values, attitudes and actions – including their buying habits.

Further, sustainability plays a major role in the buying practices of younger generations. A recent report said 75 percent will pay more for products or services from environmentally conscious brands.

In addition to having the potential to boost sales, incorporating sustainable practices into manufacturing has many benefits including reducing waste, improving brand image and saving energy. Photo Credit: Shawn Dowd.

Besides their potential for boosting sales, sustainable manufacturing practices also reduce waste, save energy and improve brand image. These programs also save energy, which is why the National Association of Manufacturers is working with the U.S. Department of Energy to encourage manufacturers to incorporate wise-use measures. This campaign highlights examples of successful sustainability measures already used by manufacturers.

As part of DOE’s Better Plants Program, the partnership highlights NAM members by showcasing projects, innovations, best practices and more. This campaign shows how manufacturers can be leaders in their communities while also being economic drivers and major employers. For instance, many manufacturers have reduced emissions by 10 percent the past decade.

This partnership recognizes NAM members for their efforts, but manufacturers have other ways to show customers their commitment to sustainability. When shipping products, for example, use “green” packaging. Also use social media to share some of your behind-the-scenes sustainability measures. And when you’re exhibiting at the 2019 ATA Trade Show, discuss your sustainable practices with retailers, and encourage them to pass along the information to customers.

For information on how to make your company more sustainable contact NAM at, or (202) 637-3000.

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