Make ATA ePRO Your First Stop at the 2018 ATA Trade Show

Boost your business with the work-saving software ATA ePRO.
Photo Credit: Heather Koehl

Author: Cassie Scott

Archery retailers nationwide love ATA ePRO, the software that helps them run their pro shops more effectively and efficiently. And now this work-saving software is available for a low, exclusive price at the 2018 ATA Trade Show, Jan. 11 to 13 in Indianapolis.

ATA ePRO is an all-in-one tool that organizes inventory, reduces overhead, boosts customer service, and delivers advanced marketing techniques. It’s easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to merge with your store’s current business software. It also boosts profits by helping you and your staff work more efficiently in sales, service and inventory planning.

ATA ePRO includes:

ATA ePRO is an all-in-one tool that organizes inventory, reduces overhead, boosts customer service, and delivers advanced marketing techniques. Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

  • A user-friendly point-of-sales system that automatically updates your store’s inventory lists. It can be programmed to order new products automatically when they reach specific levels.
  • range-management system that schedules online reservations for archers, and tracks how long they use the range. In other words, it keeps you off the phone and at your work bench or computer.
  • A work-order system that manages your customers’ repairs, service requests, special orders, warranty work and other shop activity.
  • Automatic updates of your customers’ repair work and equipment orders, with instant text messaging and/or emails as the work progresses.
  • A customer database that helps you easily track each client’s sales history, equipment preferences, and buying frequencies. That knowledge helps you launch individual marketing and loyalty programs geared toward each customer.
  • Automatic tracking of your customers’ birthdays and special occasions, which helps promote specials on equipment and products.
  • Quick, easy distribution of messages to your customers via email, including marketing materials, newsletters and other campaigns to reinforce shop awareness and value.
  • A software system that never shares your business’s confidential information. All data collected by ATA ePRO is safe, secure and “for your eyes only.”
  • Free support from a team of real people based in the United States. This ATA-sponsored support is part of your annual software fees.

The ATA is confident its member-retailers will recognize this software as a business solution that further improves profits, customer loyalty and overall performance.

That’s why the ATA is offering multiple deals at the 2018 ATA Trade Show to help retailers get services they need at an affordable price. Take advantage of two member services – ATA ePRO and ATA’s web-development service – to maximize your savings!

Upgrade your business, increase your profits, and buy ATA ePRO and web-development services at the Show to save $3,000!

Plus, every member-retailer who meets at the Show with a designated expert in digital marketing automatically enters a drawing for one of two iPad Pros. Visit the Show’s Member Services Area to learn more.

Web Development: Normal Price: $2,250 Discount: $750Existing ATA ePRO member: Price: $2,250 Discount: $1,125 Dual Deal: ePRO & Web Development: Price: $5,250 Discount: $3,000
Member Cost @ TS: $1,500 Member Discount: 33% Website Valued at $5,950 Overall Savings: 75%Member Cost @ TS: $1,125 Member Discount: 50%Member Cost @ TS: $2,250 Member Discount: 57%

For more information about ATA ePRO, contact Kurt Smith, ATA’s senior manager of retail programs, at (717) 578-0736, or Or contact Dan Riley, ATA ePRO service technician, at (480) 705-7300, ext. 1010, or

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