Make Bank on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday

The holidays are almost here! Use these marketing strategies to capitalize on the year’s busiest shopping days.
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Author: Cassie Scott

Mark your calendars! Black Friday is Nov. 23, Small Business Saturday is Nov. 24 and Cyber Monday is Nov. 26. What makes these days special? They’re the year’s busiest shopping days.

According to the National Retail Federation, over 174 million Americans shopped online and in stores during that four-day holiday weekend in 2017, generating $7.9 billion on Black Friday alone.

To capitalize on holiday sales, you must direct voracious spenders to your store or website. Use tested marketing strategies to attract customers, and then use your best sales techniques and customer-service skills to open their wallets. Consider these ideas:

Restock your store based on the sales from last year. Photo Credit: ATA

Learn from Last Year

Sift through 2017’s sales reports to identify products that flew off your shelves. Stock your inventory accordingly. If you advertised products that didn’t sell, don’t promote them this year. A little research ensures you don’t repeat previous mistakes. Check your Google Analytics report, too. Bookmark which blogs or web pages generated the most traffic, and re-create similar content to mimic last year’s best motivators.


Advertise Afternoon Shopping

Stores open earlier after Thanksgiving to host early-morning deals. Should yours? Square Inc. suggests retailers skip that morning madness, and save their sales and promotions for noon or later. Opening at your regular weekday time shows you respect your staff and their family time. Plus, customers appreciate the chance to hit the snooze button or shop elsewhere early in the morning before capitalizing on your offerings.

You could even advertise a campaign that suggests: “Hunt in the Morning and then Shop with Us!” If you want to extend your store hours, consider staying late. You’ll likely attract people trying to avoid daytime traffic, or those who got stuck in it. Post and promote your special hours.

Parties often bring in new clientele. Black Friday is a perfect time to host one. Photo credit: ATA

Host a Party

It’s difficult for small-business owners to offer doorbuster deals without losing money. Don’t sacrifice profit margins when you can offer other holiday specials. Try hosting a Black Friday party to entice customers and their friends to your shop for snacks, drinks, music and product trials. You could also host demonstrations on shooting form or wild-game cooking.

Two-for-one specials on introductory classes also encourage people to bring newcomers. Fun parties attract people who wouldn’t normally visit your store, which can create new customers. Sales representatives should inform visitors about your products and services. They’ll often buy something to show their appreciation.


Provide Value with Bundles, Packages

Shoppers target the holiday weekend for great deals. If you can’t offer doorbusters, try grouping products into bundles or complete setups to increase the offer’s perceived value. Bundles and packages also make buying easier because customers won’t have to shop for individual items. Retailers can also discount these packages without hurting profit margins. Create kits at different price points for archers of all ages and skills. Several options and prices ensure something for everyone.

Create a list of suggested purchases to help shoppers that only know a little bit about what their archer needs. Photo Credit: ShipStation

Create a Gift Guide

Shoppers welcome gift ideas, so deliver them straight to their email inbox. Instead of promoting a holiday sale, create and promote gift guides, which help customers make smart buying decisions and let retailers advertise specific items. Posting the guide on your blog or website with proper search-engine optimization techniques also pushes traffic to your business. Try linking the content to specific items on your website so customers make on-the-spot purchases. Create guides for different audiences with these examples:

– “Gifts for Beginning Archers”

– “Gifts for Archery Lovers”

– “Archery Gifts for Him” or “Archery Gifts for Her”

For more tips, read  “How to Use Gift Guides to Boost Your Holiday Sales” on Shopify.


Spread the Word

Once you’ve chosen your marketing strategies, start promoting your holiday sales, events and services. Try online options like your website and social media, but also consider media outlets like TV, radio and newspapers. Post in-store signs, and hang fliers on public bulletin boards and windows of nearby businesses.

If you have partnerships with nearby banks, schools, restaurants, sportsmen’s clubs or other organizations, ask them to help advertise your sales and events. Advertise on many platforms and in different places. Target as many customers as possible, but don’t violate minimum advertised price policies. Consider using a countdown clock to create a sense of urgency for your holiday festivities.

While you’re at it, update your business information with the Archery Trade Association so it can use the ATA store locator to send customers your way on the Archery 360 and Bowhunting 360 websites. Click here to learn more.

Questions? Need assistance creating your marketing plan? Contact Nicole Nash, ATA’s range and retail programs manager, at (502) 640-0944 or

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