The Archery Equipment Development Program (AEDP)

Helping manufacturers and retailers develop safe, effective equipment for women, youth, and group programs. Demand for archery equipment geared toward these programs is growing. The Archery Trade Association can help you meet this demand.

Are you doing all you can to provide archery equipment for everyone?

Manufacturers and retailers alike want to offer a greater assortment of archery equipment, and gain a better understanding of how to use that equipment in instructional settings. The AEDP achieves this goal by giving manufacturers the opportunity to field-test products in retail, educational and technical settings, which helps them improve and create awareness of their products. Archery instructors then have a variety of options to choose from when purchasing equipment for their courses.

Equipment is evaluated and field-tested by ATA-selected focus groups. The ATA’s outreach and education staff provide confidential feedback that allows manufacturers to improve their designs and quickly meet the needs of customers. In addition, this program helps archery retailers better service their customers by offering equipment that is appropriate, safe and effective for each customer’s shooting goals.

The AEDP’s five-year plan ensures that manufacturers, retailers and program instructors provide their clientele with quality equipment that meets each target audience’s needs.

How we achieve this goal


Finding New Products

Several of the AEDP-tested products are on display in the Member Services Area at the ATA Trade Show. Retailers are encouraged to stop by and see what products were tested, and see what field testers had to say. Retailers can also learn how to become product testers and get the opportunity to speak with manufacturers about their product needs.


Marketing to New Demographics

Manufacturers should also swing by the AEDP area in MSA to learn more about how to get their products tested and how that can lead to improved marketing strategy, product improvements and the development of new products.

For more information, or to participate in the AEDP, contact:

Jennifer Mazur, Director of Archery and Bowhunting Programs

Speak to Jennifer