Combat Counterfeiting

The Archery industry has documented counterfeit bows, arrows, broadheads, sights, rests, and countless other products. It's up to us to work together to stop fakes from entering the retail marketplace.

Working to Stop Counterfeit Products

Counterfeiting is difficult to stop because it’s complex and widespread, but it’s not unique to the archery industry. It’s also a major problem for manufacturers in electronics, jewelry, clothing and just about any industry where brand names matter. Counterfeiting’s dramatic increase worldwide results from the growing dependence on e-commerce, where customers rely on online images and descriptions to make product choices.

The ATA’s crackdown relies on ATA members to be vigilant and provide evidence of counterfeiting to ATA staff. The Board directed that ATA membership be used to identify legitimate manufacturers of archery and bowhunting products. The ATA is also working with the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Trade and Development Agency to identify counterfeiters and fake products to stop illegal imports.

What the ATA is Doing


Denied Trade Show Access

Manufacturers caught counterfeiting archery products will be banished from the Archery Trade Association and denied access to the annual ATA Trade Show.


Member Education

ATA members receive important information about reporting and combatting counterfeiting. The ATA offers support through its members-only resources and ATA Trade Show seminars, and provides access to the office of Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center. Click here to login and learn more.

If you have questions about counterfeiting, contact:

Wendy Lang, ATA's Membership Manager

Email Wendy