Industry Magazines

Instead of creating an ATA publication in-house, the trade association has created strong partnerships with the archery and bowhunting industry's three trade publications: ArrowTrade, Archery Business and Inside Archery.

Each issue features ATA columns submitted by ATA staff. Topics range from Trade Show news and information to the latest on ATA efforts made to grow the industry through education and participation opportunities. Your ATA membership will qualify you for a FREE subscription to each publication.

Arrow Trade

While ArrowTrade subscriptions to our print publication are available only to qualified members of the archery industry, many of the equipment reviews, coaching and tuning columns are packed with information of use to any bowhunter or competitive archer. Remember, ArrowTrade Magazine is the business magazine that covers everyone, and we cover them in more depth than any other archery magazine.

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Archery Business

Archery Business is a trade publication with more than 30 years experience as "the voice of the archery industry," with a primary focus of educating and informing archery retailers. From features on better retailing to the latest new-product coverage to tracking the industry's movers and shakers, Archery Business regularly showcases tips, techniques and information geared to help those involved in the business of archery stay profitable. Seven issues are published per year, including six "regular" issues and a special "Archery University" issue written entirely by industry veterans willing to share their hard-earned knowledge in the areas of retailing, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing and promotion.

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Inside Archery

Inside Archery is the number one trade magazine in the archery industry. No matter how you measure it—editorial content, insider analysis, page count, ad count, overall quality or distribution—no other trade magazine covers the business of archery like Inside Archery. Inside Archery is published 10 times per year and is available to qualified members of the archery industry, as well as to interested individuals through paid subscriptions. Included in those 10 issues is the special November issue—the Archery Industry Phone Book.

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