Minimum Advertised Pricing

Minimum Advertised Pricing begins with manufacturers that issue a written policy stating the lowest price allowed for their product in advertisements. A MAP policy ensures all retailers compete fairly and evenly on service instead of price. Retailers are responsible for knowing MAP policies and adhering to them. By implementing a MAP policy, making it available to retailers, and investing resources into enforcing that policy, manufacturers are better equipped to protect their brand's value.


Do you set Minimum Advertised Pricing on your products? If so, you should have a written policy.

Send your written policy to Wendy Lang, ATA’s membership manager, and we’ll include it in our members-only resource library.

What if you don’t have a policy, or you want help monitoring how well retailers adhere to your policy? The ATA can help. Enforcing a MAP policy is the only way to make it effective, but we also know monitoring and enforcement takes lots of resources. Therefore, we’ve secured special discounts with firms that provide solutions for monitoring and enforcing MAP policies. These discounts are available only to ATA-member manufacturers.


It’s your responsibility to know MAP policies and follow them. We’ve created a MAP library so you have convenient, exclusive access to these resources. Log into your account for more information