My Archery Business Wants to Join the ATA. But How?

The Archery Trade Association’s membership year runs April 1 through March 31. Join or renew near the start of the membership year to guarantee a full year of ATA-member benefits and attend the ATA Trade Show.
Photo Credit: Shane Indrebo

Author: Cassie Scott

Joining the Archery Trade Association is simple and beneficial. You know the saying, “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”? When you join the ATA, it not only scratches your back, it has your back.

You see, the ATA has dedicated teams who are just as passionate about the archery and bowhunting industry as you are. In fact, they’ll help you and your business be more successful.

ATA membership offers many benefits and valuable assets while uniting the industry. ATA members receive:

Your membership helps the ATA boost industry profits, reduce taxes and government regulations, and grow, protect and promote archery and bowhunting nationwide. The ATA also improves communication and business interactions between industry members like you.

ATA members include retailers, manufacturers, distributors, sales representatives and many others who work in the industry.

By joining the ATA, your business earns access to the ATA Trade Show, archery and bowhunting’s largest and most inclusive show. The Show is a member-driven event to promote commerce within the archery and bowhunting industry.

If you fit the mold, join the ATA!

When: ATA’s membership year runs April 1 through March 31. There’s no bad time to join the ATA, but there are prime times. To maximize your benefits and attend the ATA Trade Show, we recommend joining or renewing near the start of our membership year, from April through June. That guarantees a full year of ATA-member benefits.

How: To join the ATA, please download and complete the Standard Membership Application. If you’re a retailer, complete the Retail Membership Application. Be sure to provide verification documents that meet our membership requirements. The ATA approves or denies memberships based on the verification materials you provide. Please submit all the necessary documents and information with your application.

And that’s all it takes to join the ATA! Now it’s time to pull back, release and score with the Archery Trade Association. Join today. Trust us: We’ve got your back.

Call the ATA’s business office at (507) 233-8130 if you have any questions or need help completing your membership application.

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