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Reasons to Certify Multiple Staff Members

Certified archery instructors boost credibility and increase profits at your shop. So why have just one on staff?
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Author: Jackie Holbrook

ATA member retailers will have an opportunity to become certified archery instructors at the 2019 ATA Trade Show in Louisville. Being a certified archery instructor benefits your shop in many ways, including increasing profits, growing new customers, boosting your shop’s credibility and giving your store access to Explore Archery and Junior Olympic Archery Development programs.

Obtaining an archery certification expands your knowledge and improves your hands-on skills. USA Archery, the National Field Archery Association and the Archery Shooters Association recognize all certification levels.

What’s better than having a certified archery instructor in your shop? Having multiple certified archery instructors in your shop!

Having certified instructors on hand shows your customers you take their interest seriously. Photo Credit: ATA

You’re the Experts

Customers who visit your shop expect to be helped by archery experts. The good news is that these customers are willing to pay more for an expert’s knowledge and experience. Having multiple certified archery instructors on staff is an opportunity to show people your commitment to providing them with trusted sources of information.


Lighten the Load

Most archery clubs and programs require certified archery instructors to teach lessons and host camps. Programs like Explore Archery, Explore Bowhunting and JOAD are easy to implement when you have a certified instructor on staff. These programs grow new customers and keep them coming back. But that’s a lot for one person to handle.

By having at least two certified instructors on staff, you can help lighten the course load. Each instructor can focus on different camps or programs. In addition to spreading out lessons, camps and events, the certified instructors can collaborate on ideas and strategies to offer the best possible classes for your customers.

Having more than one instructor prevents one employee from becoming too overworked. Photo Credit: ATA

Prevent Burn Out

It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, if you work too much you will be at risk for burn-out. If the shop’s only certified archery instructor is hosting a summer full of camps before moving right into hunting season, they might have too much to handle. Having multiple certified instructors will give other instructors a break and allow them to focus on other areas of the business.

There’s a lot more to running a shop than archery lessons. You have additional responsibilities like bookkeeping, ordering product and managing staff. If you’re the shop owner and the only certified instructor on staff, that’s a heavy load. With the addition of another certified archery instructor, you’ll have help managing the daily tasks that keep your programs going.


Niche Specialties

Most archers have a favorite style of archery. Archery instructors also shine in different areas. Instructors confident in teaching compound bow classes may not feel as confident helping students learn recurve. Students not only learn abilities from instructors, the instructors pass their confidence onto students. If you have multiple certified archery instructors in your shop with different abilities, they can focus on the style that suits them and share their passion with eager students.

If you have a packed house at your range, but only one instructor, the archers aren't going to get the attention they deserve. Photo Credit: ATA

You Can’t Be in Two Places

Being a certified instructor shows your customers you’re the expert. But what happens when the instructor is needed in two places at once? For example, what if you want to showcase archery at a community event, but it’s the same day as your classes? Rescheduling classes isn’t an option, but skipping the event could cost you future customers. If you have multiple certified archery instructors on staff this won’t happen. You can attend events without being understaffed. Plus, if employees get sick, have a family emergency or take time off, multiple instructors ensure the spot is always covered, and you’re not left scrambling to find a solution.


How to Get Certified

Convinced you need more certified instructors? ATA member retailers will have an opportunity to get certified at the 2019 ATA Trade Show, Jan. 10-12. Receiving a certification at the show is cost-effective and convenient. ATA pays for the space, equipment and instructors, saving you $200! You can take Level 1, Level 2 and Scholastic 3-D Archery instructor certification classes.

Click here to register and view the schedule. ATA staff will review your registration information and contact you within three business days to confirm your spot. Spots are limited, so register today.

To register via phone or to inquire about waitlists, call the ATA Trade Show’s business and membership office at (866) 266-2776, or email Wendy Lang at

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