Websites for Retailers

Having a professional-looking website is the first step you can make toward earning credibility as an archery business and attracting new customers.

Does your website provide accurate
information to recruit new customers?

By giving your store or range a strong, visible online presence, you help existing and potential customers find you. Consumers increasingly depend on the internet to get information on products and services in their communities. An easily navigated website, an engaged Facebook community, and reliable, responsive email communications represent your business in the best light online.

For ATA members considering a full website design, here are some website features you’ll get by working with ATA’s service provider:
— Highlight your store’s offerings on your homepage, including lessons, brands, services, departments and range types.
— Automatically collect email addresses and confirm business transactions with customers.
— Choose responsive page designs that quickly change for optimal use on tablets and smartphones, making it easy for customers to study your store and find it on the go.
— Capitalize on best practices “search engine marketing” setups and professional analytics.
— Create a standard library of content for your brands, services, lessons, departments, range types. You’ll be able to customize all content to match your needs.
— Choose third-party content for your homepage, including videos, coupons, news feeds and other features.
— Install a page-turning digital plug-in to display ads, flyers, coupons and other promotions you create.

Professional examples

ATA's service provider offers five website themes designed specifically for ATA members, with text and images customizable by each retailer. The firm also offers monthly content-management plans to keep your website updated with fresh content, and grow an email list of your customers through onsite signups.

ATA Apollo Theme

View demo

ATA Katniss Theme

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ATA Whistler Theme

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How we can help

ATA's service provider will offer free consultations to help you assess the effectiveness of your online presence, and recommend opportunities for growth and improvement at the ATA Trade Show.


Evaluate your current website in a one-on-one consultation with ATA staff.

We can identify important information often missing from archery retail websites, and guide you in making the necessary updates and adjustments.


Upgrade your website with a ready-made template.

Purchasing an ATA-approved template means that 90 percent of the work is already complete. As an exclusive ATA-member benefit, retailers can purchase one of five ready-made website templates through ATA's service provider. Click on the links below to view each template.

Build Your Site Today!

If your business doesn’t have a website in today’s world, you simply don’t exist to potential customers searching for you worldwide with their fingertips. Whether you lack a website or your current website needs a boost, ATA's service provider is here to help.

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