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Rio 2016 Archery Guide, Bhutan and Spring Break

Author: Taylor Walston

Rio 2016 Archery Guide

The Telegraph recently posted an article breaking down archery’s inner workings to help TV viewers prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The article details Olympic archery rules, some tips and tactics, and some helpful jargon. Hint: Fish-tailing isn’t just an expert braiding technique, or what your car does when skidding on ice. “Fish-tailing: Visible swerve in an arrow’s flight.”

Although the South Koreans dominate archery (they’ve won 16 Olympic gold medals in the sport, more than any other event), no archer in Olympics history has shot a perfect score. The Telegraph article notes:

“In the individual competition, the perfect score is 720, which would require the archer to hit the ‘bull’s-eye’ with all 72 shots. The men’s record stands at 687 and the women’s 685.”

A bull’s-eye is obviously the goal of each shot, but archers still get points for hitting the target elsewhere.

“Athletes stand 70 meters from their target and score points by firing arrows at 10 concentric scoring zones, from the golden ‘bull’s-eye’ 10-score at the center to the 1-score on the white outer ring. They have 40 seconds to release each arrow.”

Captain America-Civil War – Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen

We’ve seen Jeremy Renner help save the world from evil as Hawkeye in the original “Avengers” film and in the sequel, “Age of Ultron.” This time, Hawkeye’s villain is an Avenger.

Hawkeye is on the half of the Avengers who don’t exactly have superpowers. (Black Widow is an assassin, so her weapon is her body, and Tony Stark has the Iron Man suit). Hawkeye’s power is his incredible archery skill. He has always been an expert archer, but this new movie features some of Renner’s favorite props yet.

“This time I learn very quickly with the bow,” he said. “In the first Avengers, he had that short bow that cracks open, and then I can crack and close with a staff. So now I’m a master with a staff, apparently. I have to learn that today. [Laughs] So there’s that, and then there’s always things you can do with the [arrow] tips. Except for this, what they call the arrow tips, they’ll all be nonlethal, because again, we’re not trying to kill anybody – just sort of take control of the situation. They’ll probably throw in a lot of gimmicks with the tips and trick arrows, and things like that. I love this costume the most of them all so far.”

When asked about Hawkeye’s classic humor, Renner said it will remain prevalent in this movie.

“Yeah, that self-deprecating irreverence – all that sort-of Han Solo-ish, old-school Indiana Jones kind of thing. I think we’re gonna have a few zingers in this one too, I hope.”

The movie’s trailer is now available.

Bhutan: Making the National Sport More International

Archery is the national sport of Bhutan, a Himalayan country that is the world’s only nation to stake this claim. Even so, Bhutan has no official archery clubs. Tsewang Rinchen, secretary general of the Bhutan Archery Federation, spoke to World Archery about Bhutan’s love of archery. He said it comes from an indigenous culture dating to 600 B.C.

Bhutan uses local materials to make bamboo arrows, and includes archery in social events. The Federation also opened an office in Trashigeng, a city that will soon launch an archery program for its schools. World Archery reported that by starting the school program this year, Bhutan hopes to create archery clubs to promote the recurve bow in advance of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The archery program, while highly encouraged, is not mandatory. Schools will decide whether  to include the sport in their curriculum.

Archery Spring Break Ideas

As schools near spring break, what better way for students to spend their time off than tapping into their inner Merida and Robin Hood? With archery increasingly popular with younger generations, explore your growing archery skills with these ideas, courtesy of Archery 360:

Archery Tag – Laser tag and paintball are already fun pastimes for college students (and many others). Imagine combining the video game “Call of Duty” with the bow-and-arrow skills of Katniss Everdeen, and you’d get Archery Tag. It’s essentially paintballing with foam-tipped arrows. As Archery 360 notes: “Although the game involves human targets, it’s far less painful than paintball. Being hit with a foam-tipped arrow is about like being hit with a tennis ball.”

So, if you want to channel your inner Hawkeye while simultaneously battling your friends, Archery Tag is for you.

Bowfishing – If you’re bored fishing with the same old pole, try bowfishing. Carp, for instance, are a nuisance fish that reproduce in vast numbers across North America. This makes carp prime targets for bowfishing, which helps reduce their populations. Bowfishing also delivers more action than do deer and elk. You don’t even need a boat. You can bowfish from piers or shorelines.

If you want an interactive target experience, try 3-D archery. Campbell’s 3D Archery in North Plains, Oregon, is open year-round. Its 15-acre course with 25 targets tests your skills while competing with friends.

If you want to stay right where you are, you can have plenty of fun with homemade tricks. Set up a bunch of fruit or balloons to create your own targets. For added aesthetics, fill the balloons with glitter and challenge your friends to these fun-filled archery games.

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