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San Francisco Giants Pitcher Says Bowhunting Improves His Game

Author: Scott Gieseke

Growing up in Pike County, Georgia, Hunter Strickland hunted with his dad and brothers. Now, as a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, Strickland said bowhunting makes him a better pitcher.

“Bowhunting helps with baseball for sure because I’m a pitcher and I think my direction from the pitcher’s mound to the plate relates to bowhunting,” Strickland said. “You have to be in a straight line to shoot a bow and pitching is the same way.”

Though 2016 marked his first visit to the ATA Trade Show, Strickland said he felt right at home.

“This is my first time at the ATA Show,” Strickland said. “My brother has been here before but this is my first trip. I love it and I’m excited about everything I’ve seen. It’s always good to visit our sponsors and to see great people. Everyone here has the same interests. It’s great to be in this atmosphere and be surrounded by other bowhunters.”

Strickland has met plenty of teammates who enjoy bowhunting. What do pitchers talk about in the bullpen? Bowhunting! In fact, Strickland said his company, Spread Crushers, started as an idea he and former teammates on the AA Pittsburgh Pirates had while discussing bowhunting in the bullpen.

“My teammates and I reached out to Watson Airlock, Axion Archery and some other companies that were very generous,” he said. “Thanks to our sponsors, Spread Crushers promotes hunter safety and gives a behind-the-scenes look at Major League baseball by taking kids, veterans and people with disabilities on hunts. We hope to have a TV show in the near future.”

Strickland hunts whitetails with a Mathews No Cam bow and hunted elk for the first time in 2015. He hopes to one day hunt moose or caribou in Alaska.

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