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Sherpa Hunting: Awesome Product For Climbing Stand Users

Author: Michael Turbyfill

When you combine both a mechanical engineering and marketing background you get Sherpa Hunting, the brainchild of founder and inventor Brian Vandergraff of North Carolina.

At first glance, Sherpa Hunting looks like another brand of game carts – you know, the rolling carts used to haul out heavy harvests. But if you look close, you’ll realize that Vandergraff’s invention is more or less an adapter and wheel set that turns the industry’s most popular climbing stands into a game cart.

For public land hunters or those not be able to access their hunting area with a motorized vehicle, the Sherpa Hunting game cart is an ingenious solution.

Assembly only takes about 60 seconds and the product shrinks down into a packable bundle that can be added to the load you carry while backpacking your stand. Sure, it adds a little weight (around 10 pounds) but it definitely beats dragging a whitetail or mule deer. The Sherpa Hunting game cart retails for $119.97 at

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