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Spartan Cam Modern Tech Meets Functionality and Durability

Author: Michael Turbyfill

With dozens of competitors — including a few very large brands — maybe you’ve never heard of Spartan Cam. If not, you might consider getting to know them. They’ve got modern trail cameras figured out. Notice I said modern. Because just as the days of developing film at the local pharmacy are over, so are the days of checking your trail cameras by walking to the woods and swapping out SD cards.

Spartan Cam offers cameras that sync with mobile phone carriers Verizon, AT&T and very soon, Sprint, to deliver images in real-time via email. Simply put, if a deer or other critter walks past a Spartan Cam, your phone will vibrate and you can view the animal within seconds.

Perhaps even more exciting, a Spartan Cam mobile phone app allows you to download hi-res images for a better look, file and manage your images and even adjust your camera settings from your phone. So if you decide you want video instead of photos, you don’t go to woods and flip a switch. You reach in your pocket — perhaps while sitting in a recliner eating a sandwich — and use your phone to activate “video” mode.

While Spartan Cam isn’t the only trail camera company to offer mobile technology, they are committed to a couple of core values important to any consumer:

  • Deliver a reliable product that doesn’t break.
  • Do it an affordable price.

I talked to big buck guru and Whitetail Properties land specialist Dave Skinner at the Spartan Cam ATA Show booth and here’s what he had to say.

“I truly believe human intrusion is the number one reason it’s hard to harvest mature, big bucks,” said Skinner. “The ability to manage my cameras without going to the woods ups my odds. Most importantly, these cameras work. They don’t break. They email my phone when a deer walks by. They do their job and that’s why I use them.”

Here’s how setting up the system works. Verizon customers can add a Spartan Cam to their mobile phone plans for $5 per camera. AT&T offers a 3-month plan for $25, perfect if you only want to run cameras during hunting season. A solution for Sprint customers is in the works and should be finalized soon.

Depending on the carrier and features such as infrared or black flash,, the Spartan Cam offers its top-end models between $379 and $469 MSRP.

If you’re old school or enjoy spooking deer while checking SD cards, they offer basic models without mobile technology for between $139.00 and $169.00 MSRP.

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