Aaron Lucky

Easton Technical Products Inc

Aaron Lucky is the president of Easton Technical Products Inc (Easton), a leading manufacturer of archery products. In 2022, Easton is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. The company started with the founder, Doug Easton, making wooden arrows in his family’s woodshop. Today, Easton is still known for state-of-the-art arrows, but also offers a wide variety of archery accessories, including Delta McKenzie targets and SEVR broadheads.

Lucky oversees all aspects of Easton’s business, which includes manufacturing facilities in Utah, Indiana, and Iowa. He started at Hoyt in 2003 and transferred to Easton in 2005. Lucky has worked at Easton since 2005, with the majority of his time in the vice president of finance role. In early 2020, Lucky accepted the role of president.

“My role in accounting allowed me to gain a very broad perspective of our markets and operations,” Lucky said. “Easton does business in nearly every archery product distribution channel worldwide. This has provided me incredible insight into the archery industry.”

As a member of the ATA Board, Lucky is excited to expand his understanding of the archery industry and looks forward to developing relationships and learning from the ATA membership. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the people at the ATA to address the many issues we face within our industry,” Lucky said. “It’s critical to ensure that the ATA continues to find ways to create value for its membership. Understanding and planning for changing demographics, removing barriers to participation, and ensuring affordability will help the industry capitalize on the current increased interest in archery and retain these new participants over the long term.”

Lucky received a master’s degree in Accounting from Southern Utah University and is a recovering former CPA. He enjoys spending time with his family, and numerous outdoor activities, including bowhunting.

January 11-13, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana