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Aubrey Rodgers is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and joined the Archery Trade Association as their digital manger in July 2021. In her role, Rodgers is responsible for the development and execution of social media strategies, campaigns, promotions, direct response initiatives and all other aspects of social media.

A graduate of Bethel University, Rodgers earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 2019. During her undergraduate career, Rodgers performed with the Bethel Renaissance Choir and Southern Gospel Quartet, traveling around the country for performances. After graduating, she worked as a recruiter for Bethel University, sharing her experiences from her time at BU to promote the university and inspire prospective students.

Rodgers has grown up alongside avid hunters and is excited to learn more about archery and bowhunting. She is learning as much as possible and is beyond excited to find her love for a new hobby.

In addition to her role as digital manager, she loves to travel back home to her family and take professional photos. She is currently working on earning her Master of Business Administration.

Rodgers currently resides in West Tennessee with her two Goldendoodles, Beau and Remi.

January 11-13, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana