Gary Kinard

National Archery Buyers Association

Gary Kinard is president of the National Archery Buyers Association and owner of All Star Archery and Marine Electronics in Dallas. He was appointed to the ATA Board of Directors on July 11, 2017, to represent the NABA buying group.

Kinard joined NABA in 2005, became one of its board members in 2012, and was elected NABA president in August 2016. He runs each NABA board meeting, and works with NABA’s executive director, Mike Mayo, to carry out board directives.

Kinard opened his marine-electronics sales and service business in 1982, and added archery to the operation in 2002. He thinks his experience at All Star Archery and Marine Electronics will serve him well on the ATA Board because the marine-electronics industry has seen many of the same issues now facing the archery industry.

Kinard is grateful he could turn his lifelong passions for fishing and hunting into a successful business and career, and looks forward to serving on the ATA Board.

“I’m excited about facing the challenges of our industry and trying to effect positive change,” he said. “The ATA does many things for its dealer members, and I want to make sure our dealers are aware of everything ATA offers.”

Kinard hopes to address at least two main objectives during his Board term.

“I want to ensure the health of the independent pro shop, and see better communication between dealers and manufacturers,” he said. “The archery industry needs a service network. It’s also important to have good substantive dialogue between these parties to better our industry.”

Kinard has attended ATA Board meetings the past three years, and also serves on the ATA’s Retail Council.

January 11-13, 2023

Indianapolis, Indiana